Going the Extra Mile in Your Mountaineering Training

If you are training for any endurance sport you need to ‘hit the wall’ You need to know what It feels like to have nothing left, and still trek for another 5 miles.  In mountaineering, your life can literally depend on it. Half measures in training and preparation are for people who are not serious about their safety and the safety of the people around them.

Do Not Underestimate the Physical Training

Too many people are under-estimating what it takes to be safe and successful on big mountains. Yes, there are a lot of elements to be safe. I can guarantee you this exercise will not be a waste of your time. Learn more.

Amphulaptsa Pass

Understanding Altitude

Look the simple fact is once you go above 6,000m/ 19,685 feet you are risking it all. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Yes, altitude can stop you at any moment during your journey and your trip is over. You can have optimum acclimatization and highly recommend this.  This is advice is for the individuals who take trekking, climbing and mountaineering seriously. Learn more.

Going the Extra Mile

Preparation is Critical

I am just back from climbing Kilimanjaro twice and Aconcagua in a 6 week period. I can tell you that preparation is critical. CONTACT ME and I can help you understand the specific training needed for these climbs and any mountaineering expedition. Learn more.

High on Mera Peak

Here Are a Few Tips For You

1). Go and get a fitness test or VO2 max test

2). Use the results to map out a training plan

3). Develop a training plan for three, six, twelve, eighteen months

4). Focus on lung capacity in your training

5). Constantly evaluate your training and progress

6). Seek out medical advice

7). Hire a personal trainer

8). Go the extra mile before your chosen adventure

9). No guess work when your life is on the line

10). Go the extra mile in the peak phase of your training

What does it mean to hit the wall?

It means you need to be tired to the point of stopping, sleep deprived, de-hydrated, stressed, nauseous, exhausted and ready to stop 5 miles ago.

If you are looking to climb a big mountain from Island peak to Mount Everest you need to take yourself to the wall and know what it feels like to be completely wasted. We can help you come mountain fit for your Ian Taylor Trekking Expedition. CONTACT US

Going the Extra Mile in Your Mountaineering Training

Be Informed and Be Prepared

Learn from our mistakes and don’t be that personal who fails to prepare. I have climbed Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro 40+ times and led over 150 Expeditions over 18,000 feet. Not many mountaineers in the world have this level of experience, knowledge and expertise. Follow us on Instagram.

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