Specific training for Island Peak

The first thing to remember is Island peak is going to be a different climbing challenge than what you see on you tube. Climbing Island peak pre monsoon will be different than climbing post monsoon. If there has been no snow and higher temperatures you will find less ice on the head wall, and undulating ice climb, which can make it an easier climb to the summit. You could encounter an ice wall with no rest for your calf’s. So you need to come prepared for the most challenging climb. Specific training for Island Peak is needed in preparation for the climb. ¬†As you can see in this video the steep challenges of Island peak require respect and specific physical conditioning and mountaineering skills.

Some times you have to cross ladders. So you should come prepared with that level of preparation.

Abseiling in Island peak base camp

You will have to abseil down the head wall using a figure of 8 at 6,150m high and you will have to have the leg strength to get you up and down steep terrain.

Looking down the head wall on Island peak

Fitness is important but being lean, lighter, stronger and fast is really important when climbing these big mountains.

Making our way through the glacier on Island peak

Your Island peak summit day could be 14 – 18 hours so you need to have the strength to be able to manage this long day after walking 13 days to get to this point and you still have to walk 50km back to Lukla. If you are signing up to one of our Island peak climbs we will work with you to make sure you are getting the experience needed for this exciting and challenging climb. CONTACT US today for further information.

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