Our current plan to help in Nepal

We don’t want to make a knee jerk reaction to sustainable development in Nepal. Our current plan to help in Nepal will be long lasting and sustainable.  Using funds raised in the best possible way for the needs of the village of Goli.  We want to maximize the funds raised to make a lasting difference on the ground. DONATE HERE!!


1). Direct financial support for the village of Goli: 100% of money will go to the village

2). Raise money & join a team going to help in the village & climb Pikey Peak 4,065m

3). Raise money and continually support the development of the village on an annual basis. 

Graham Kinch and I raised funds to build the Mt. Everest Primary school in Uganda in from 2007 – 2009 and years later the school has gone from strength to strength. CLICK HERE  and view a video of the Mt. Everest Primary school in Uganda.

A quality review and assessment of what the people need has to be done before any funds can be used. Our Sherpa team are doing this as I write this.  Soon we will have plans in place in how we can best support the village of Goli in the Everest region of Nepal. We need your help to make a real difference for these wonderful people.

Goli near Everest
Image of the second earthquake to hit Nepal in recent weeks. The finger represents the village of Goli.

UPDATED: With a new destructive and devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake hitting Nepal today 12th May 2015 at a similar time to the previous earthquake in April. We have to move forward with our support for the village of Goli 109km east of Kathmandu and 45km south of Mt. Everest . We know 150 houses had been damaged or collapsed from the previous 7.9 magnitude that hit on the 25th April. We now need to generate much needed funds to support the villagers. We also need long term support over the next ten years to help the people remain in their village, get back to normal mountain living and know there will be a sustainable future for them.

We have raised thousands of dollars over the last week but more is needed to help these villagers survive these earthquakes and slowly get back on their feet.

We hope to have a small team make the journey to Pikey peak and Goli village. We are trying to get information back from the village as to what exactly they need done. It looks like these are the projects that need urgent attention:
1). Build a place for elderly people
2). Re-build school 
3). Health post 
4). Mani stones
5). Stupa 
6). Monastery
We want to look at one of these for the November group. We are still working out the itinerary, how much money and time is needed for one project to be done in November. Once I have this sorted we can move forward.  If you would like to join a team heading to help the remote village of Goli in 2015/2016 E-MAIL US and put your name on the list of people interested in what happens in Goli.  I am also on skype ian10035 5 days a week so feel free to call and we can chat about how you can serve in Nepal.
*** UPDATE September 2015.
Just to let you know that 10 villages are in Kathmandu.  They are training for 2 days on new earth bag housing solution for the village.  The people who have arranged the program have waived the cost of the training as we are only a small Trust. I hope they think this type of build will work for them in the village, this will mean that we might be able to get project of the ground soon. A new school will be the first project of the trust.

2 thoughts on “Our current plan to help in Nepal

  1. Do you need people on the ground in October. If so how long do you intend staying. Am doing The Manaslu Circuit in November so am wondering could I link in with you guys and join my trek on 6th November in Kathmandu.

  2. Hi Ian, I have been raising money for Macmillan Cancer through my trip with you in October to “Everest base camp in Crocs” I will also be holding 2 fund raising nights for the people of Nepal, so I will gladly forward to your cause. Chat soon Ports

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