I am just back from climbing Mera peak (6,476m), crossing the Amphulabtsa pass (5,885m) and Island peak at (6,189m) If you are considering joining this trip in the future. You will need excellent physical conditioning along with some solid mountaineering experience. Previous altitude experience is also necessary. We had a great team and 90% success on both mountains.

I have made this journey before, but on this occasion I felt Island peak was the tricky part of the journey. Before you decide to join these climbs, get in touch and we can get you ready. Climbing Mera and Island peaks in one push is challenging, testing a wide range of skills which you need to have acquired before arriving in Nepal.
The key to success comes from the right acclimatization schedule on the way into Mera peak along with covering the right amount to ground daily on route to the Amphulabtsa pass and over to Island peak base camp. Another key element of success was in using high camp on Island peak giving extra rest and recovering for an attempt on the summit.
Trekking into Mera peak is full of extra physical conditioning, but do not follow the normal routes into Mera Peak. After trying a range of different itineraries we have come up with the best route giving great scenic mountain views, mountain lakes, great trails and having camp sites all to ourselves along with the all important acclimatization schedule. We have 90% success on Mera peak with years of experience. 
You should start training properly 3 months in advance of heading on this expedition. You would need to be starting from a good base fitness and applying a professional mountain and fitness plan in place in preparation for this journey. We can help you map out your fitness plan.  It will be vital in your ultimate success climbing these mountains.
Coming fully proficient in mountaineering techniques will give you an advantage on these mountain and you can focus on acclimatizing, breathing correcting and focusing on the physical challenge ahead of you. Can you abseil, ascend fixed ropes with a jumar, tie knots, walk correctly in crampons,  using mountaineering boots and climb at altitude?
Living in a tent for 24 days can be challenging so coming with a climber partner, or friend will be of a massive advantage. Also climbing on a rope with someone or people who are comfortable with will make all the difference on this long, strenuous and challenging adventure.

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