Climb Aconcagua


30th December 2017  –  20th January 2018 SOLD OUT!! 

27th December 2018 –  17th January 2019 12 SPACES OPEN


20th January 2018   –   10th February 2018 SOLD OUT!!

19th January 2019   –   9th February 2019 12 SPACES OPEN


We will have two main dates open to climbing expeditions to climb Aconcagua in 2016/2017. We know you want to bag one of the seven summits and we will give you the best chance. We know that acclimatization is the key factor in achieving the summit of Aconcagua. There are several other factors but we have an excellent acclimatization program set to to get you to the top. Get in touch and we can send you out all the information you need to make the decision about taking on Aconcagua.

One thought on “Climb Aconcagua

  1. I have done Kilimanjaro 19,450ft (Africa); Pikes Peak 14,200ft (Denver, USA), Valley of Flowers14,000 ft, Hemkund 14,200 ft, Roopund 15,800 ft, Kuari Pass 14,000ft, Rupin Pass 15,250 ft, and other places in the himalayas.
    I may like to do Aconcagua in 2016 or 2017 but I would like to know the pricing etc. Since I have done many high altitude treks before and have a good knowledge of common ailments and solutions I would be a good resource for your team too. I am also an avid runner/biker and am currently sponsored by GU Energy and HoneyStinger Company.
    Would be great if you could send me more information.
    Thanks and have a great new years

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