Food on Aconcagua

Food on Aconcagua is amazing. Well, this depends on the service you are looking for, you will find a wide range of food options on an Aconcagua Expedition.  We only run quality trips with professional service and quality food.  Aconcagua can be a challenging place, so some home comforts are important on our trips.


Quality Food on Aconcagua

Your choice, but we like to have access to better food and service for our Aconcagua Expeditions. For us this is so important for your enjoyment and comfort.  Quality food also adds to a successful mountain experience.  We have helped hundreds of people reach their goal and they pick Ian Taylor Trekking for a quality run trip. Read some reviews from our trips.

Food on Aconcagua

High Quality Food, Service and Guides

Ian Taylor Trekking work with professional local guides to offer the highest level of service on Aconcagua. Here are 10 reasons to pick us for your Aconcagua trip. We have control over the service we offer on the ground and have developed the service over a number of years. We have extra days 3/4 for summit attempts and we provide the highest level of equipment and food throughout the expedition.  Check out all our important pages for climbing Aconcagua.

Pasta Dinner

Information on our Menu

While you are in Aconcagua Base Camp you will be served 3 course meals. We vary the menu with steak, chicken, pasta and vegetables. We serve a balanced diet plan and always thinking about the food served for  the level of activity on a given day.  When we are taking lunch higher on the mountain we give you a packed lunch with cereals, cookies and sandwich’s. If you like Pies, hamburgers, pasta carbonara, Sausage and mashed potato’s we have it.  Quesadillas with cheese and ham,  ramen with noodles and rice and vegetables. Finally, we don’t cut corners and give you the best service and experience on your journey to the summit of Aconcagua.

Salad on Aconcagua Quality Run Treks Through Experience

Ian Taylor Trekking have been working on Aconcagua for 12 years now, building the best experience and service possible with local partners.  We want you can experience the journey of a lifetime and enjoy every day of your trip. If you want a personal training plan, the best acclimatization and hang out with our amazing staff and team then get in touch today. Sign up and start getting prepared, we have years of Aconcagua experience built into every trip. We are happy to share our knowledge to help you reach the highest point in South America.

food on Aconcagua

Safety on The Trail

Aconcagua can be a very busy place. Learn more. This is why we like to run trips at very specific time. We recommend early December late January and February for climbing Aconcagua.  Designing our itinerary, our primary goal is to keep everyone safe. We want people to give themselves the best chance at successfully reaching the summit and having more summit days available in case of bad weather.  We have 4 guides for every group of 10 climbers high on the mountain. This will give you a safer and more enjoyable experience on the trail.

Burgers at Camp 1

Trek with Ian Taylor

We run about 4 planned group trips to Aconcagua along with, 10 private group trips per year. Ian usually leads an Aconcagua trip every two years and booking well in advance is highly recommended. Ian has climbed Everest and Aconcagua 7 times to date. CLICK HERE and check out our up coming trips.  Ian is always happy to get on a call and answer any questions you have about climbing Aconcagua.

Steak on Aconcagua

Aconcagua with Professionals

Read our Top 20 Tips for climbing Aconcagua. We brought hundreds of people to Aconcagua over the past 12 years. We pride ourselves in working with the best staff and having the best food and service on our Aconcagua trips. If you would like to keep reading check out our Aconcagua page or contact us today and we can send you specific information on how you need to start preparing to climb Aconcagua.

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