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Colorado Mountain Training

10th Feb - 11th Feb
Mountaineering Training

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23rd Mar - 24th Mar
Mountaineering Training
13th Apr - 14th Apr
Fixed Line Mountaineering Training

We run Colorado Mountain Training courses designed to your needs. We can design any course, Himalayan or Alpine style climbing.  Firstly, our goal is to help our clients come with the skill set need their chosen adventure.

Secondly, we want to assess your physical capacity for the trip.

Thirdly, we can manage multi-day or weekend courses in Colorado to aid your mountain preparation. Final, we can design a course specifically to your needs depending on your desired trip or expedition.

Tailor Made Training Courses

These courses will help you understand the specific skill set needed to be safe and successful on your chosen adventure. We can also run private group training and can tailor training to your specific needs. 1 Person $500 per day, 2 People $450 per person, per day. 3 People $400 per person per day. 4+ People $375 per person, per day.

Colorado Mountain Training Courses

We want to help you come fully prepared for your International trekking or mountaineering adventure. Our goal is to help you understand the technical challenges you will be presented with on your upcoming trip.

We run these courses so you can come prepared for Island Peak, Mera Peak, Cotopaxi, Ecuadorian Volcanos, Aconcagua or any mountaineering adventure in the US. Read some reviews.

Colorado Mountaineering Training

Why Colorado

Colorado offers quick an easy access to high altitude and great mountain terrain. The weather in Colorado is very conducive for high alpine mountaineering. We can run these course year round.

The best time for mountaineering training will be March through October. We can run training year round in the front range. Offering you the chance to pick up the necessary training year round.

Mountaineering training in Colorado

Different Disciplines

We run trips to the Himalaya’s and places where Alpine style mountaineering techniques are prevalent.  The skills needed will be different depending on where you are climbing.

The Himalaya’s is mostly fixed line climbing and requires very specific skills mixed in with traditional mountaineering techniques. We have designed these courses with that in mind. The training will focus on your needs so you can come prepared for the mountain region you are actually climbing in.

Mountaineering training in Colorado.

Climb With Experts

Our Colorado experts are available to lead these courses and help you understand all the different aspects of your upcoming adventure. We can also tailor training to your specific needs and we can cater for one to one training. Dates can be flexible to suit you and your busy schedule.Island Peak ladder training

Contact us

We are available 5 days a week in Colorado and available to help you pick the correct training and trips. We can assess your ability and mountaineering needs. Pick up the phone or email us today and start learning from our extensive experience.

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