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Climb Mera Peak

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3rd Apr - 23rd Apr
Led by Jeff Rogers


24th Apr - 14th May
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4th Sep - 24th Sep
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25th Sep - 15th Oct
Led By Chris Strouthopolous
23rd Oct - 12th Nov
Led by TBA
18th Mar - 7th Apr
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12th Apr - 2nd May
Led by TBA
24th Sep - 14th Oct
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22nd Oct - 11th Nov
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Off the Beaten Track

Mera Peak is one of our favorite treks and climbs. We follow a unique route into the mountains, allowing us for some beautiful and challenging Himalayan trekking. We fly into Lukla in the Everest region and make our way south into the lower foothills before moving back up into the higher mountains in the Makalu region on the Himalaya’s. Contact us and find out more about our trips to climb Mera Peak climbs. Read some Reviews from our trips.

Our Unique Itinerary

We have developed our itinerary over the past decade. We love trekking and additional acclimatization, so our itinerary encompasses the best route into Mera Peak. Our itinerary has 3 nights in Khare 4,950m/ 16,240 feet  along with 2 nights at Mera Peak Base Camp 5,350m/ 17,552 feet before moving to Mera Peak High Camp 5,800m/ 9,028 feet.  If you would like a more challenging mountaineering trip why not consider climbing Mera and Island peaks in one amazing trip.

Trekking below Mera Peak

Our Top 10 Tips

After years of leading Mera Peak trips in the Himalayas, we have developed our top 10 tips!  Mera Peak is a stunning peak, with views second to none. If you pick our itinerary, with additional acclimatization, you will not be disappointed. Our itinerary follows an ‘off the beaten path’ route, where you will get to trek through the less traveled villages in the region. Check out our Top 10 Tips for our Mera peak climbs.

The route to Mera Peak Base Camp

How to be Successful Climbing Mera Peak

For more information check out our Mera Peak page.  We have developed our own itinerary to give you the best experience possible. This strenuous trek and climb of Mera peak is truly an amazing adventure. Trekking through the Hinku valley is truly one of the world’s greatest trekking regions. We will use lodges for the first portion of the trip and then switch to camping.  Mera Peak is a real mountaineering adventure, waking up to new spectacular views very day. We have an excellent acclimatization schedule giving us 88% success to date. Mera Peak stands at 6,476m 21,246 feet above sea level with rich views right across the Everest region and Himalaya’s. Learn more.

The summit of Mera Peak

The Best Acclimatization

Our Mera peak climbs don’t attempt to summit until day 13/14. Our itinerary has 3 nights in Khare at 4,950m/ 16,240 feet. These days serve as additional acclimatization and help preparing to move higher. We want to make sure your comfortable on the ropes and relaxed with all the climbing equipment. It is also critical to get up to 5,350m/ 17,552 feet prior to moving to Mera peak base camp 5,350m/ 17,552 feet and then going higher to Mera peak high camp at 5,800m/ 19,028 feet.

On the summit of Mera Peak

Contact Mera Peak Climbing Experts

We are available 5 days a week to support you in your training, preparation and adventure. We have years of experience perfecting the route, acclimatization, service and we can help you get the right information for your Mera peak climb. This is a strenuous trek and climb. The trip is often under estimated so call or e-mail us at any time and we can get you there.

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