Scotland Climbing Courses

We run a range of Scotland climbing courses or winter skills weekends and week long training courses in Scotland every year between January and March. We can also run private group bookings. These courses are designed for beginners and advanced climbers preparing for altitude climbs around the world. Each weekend is designed with you in mind and we will tailor the weekend with specific training requirements. See below for further information. Also check out our Ski winter skills training in Norway.



Scotland Climbing Courses

Preparation for Climbing: Winter skills training is Scotland is essential in preparation for climbing Mont Blanc, Island Peak, Mera Peak, Everest North Col, ElbrusAlpamayo and much more. These courses will prepare you for all of the above or we can tailor a course to your specific climb.

We will work with you making sure you are fully prepared for your next adventure and you will be given information and further training and preparation you will need to make. Our goal is to help you becoming more confident in your ability. Learn about rope work, using an Ice axe, scrambling, knots, Jumar, abseiling, moving on snow, mountaineering techniques and physical preparation.

Expert Guides

We offer highly professional and experienced guides making sure you are ready for your Alpine, Himalayan, South American Climb or whatever you are looking achieve in the mountains. Our Scotland climbing courses are for everyone looking to get started.


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