Tsum Valley Trek


As the Tsum Valley Trek has only been opened for tourism for a few years, this trek offers authentic traditional culture combined with breathtaking beauty and big mountain views.  Tsum Valley is believed to be one of Buddhism’s sacred hidden valleys, where spiritual progress is facilitated, and where you will find old monasteries and thriving communities of monks and nuns. For centuries, people in the valley have depended on subsistence agriculture, grazing herds of yak, and trading with Tibet. The trails curve past square chortens and walls of stones hand-carved with Buddhist prayers. People still grow barley and tend to their yaks.

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The Tsum Valley is situated in trans-himalayan region of Gorkha, Nepal, a sacred himalayan pilgrimage valley. The Valley stands with majestic backdrop of the Baudha Himal, Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and other mountain ranges. This trek offers rich culture, ancient art, religion and beautiful mountain views.

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Walking in this high land of Tsum Valley region usually require maximum 6-8 hours of walking everyday. You need to be prepared for long days of walking. We can help you understand the training needed for this type of trip. Previous hiking experience is preferred.  It is also important that you consult your doctor for a medical check up and other medical requirements for your trip.  CONTACT US for further information.

Tsum Valley Trek

The Tsum Valley is one of world’s remotest Himalayan valleys The Tsum Valley trek takes you into the majestic surroundings of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Boudha Himal ranges. The region once being part of Tibet looks completely different from what you will find elsewhere in Nepal.  The people of the Tsum Valley or the Tsumbas belong to Tibetan origin with their own ancient form of dialect, art, culture and religion.

Tsum Valley Trek

Very few adventure travelers have made it to this high and mysterious valley, which used to be an important trade link with Tibet. Our Tsum valley trek runs close to the Manaslu region on Nepal.  The Tsum Valley lies on the northern part of the Manaslu region and used to be a restricted area until 2008. The Tsum people have their own way of family life, which may be quite surprising for many outsiders. All the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, what you may call a practice of polyandry. Polyandry is a form of Polygamy.

Tsum Valley Trek

The trek start and end point is Arughat, a seven hours drive from Kathmandu. The first half of the trek ascends the Budhi Gandaki Valley on good paths through a mix of dense forest, terraced fields and hill villages. As we leave the main Manaslu Trail for the Tsum valley, suddenly we get a feeling of entering truly into the hidden valley. While on the trek, we also pass through the alpine forests, glacial rivers, and enjoy the warm hospitality of ethnic people. Pass the lower Buri Gandaki regions of Liding, Machhakhola, Jagat and Philim. We also visit the ancient Gombas of the region such as: Rachen Gompa,Mu Gompa, Dephyudonma Gompa.



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Day 1

Arrive Trivubhan Airport.  After you have cleared immigration and customs you will be met by our team and transferred to your hotel. You will have free time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Day 2

After breakfast we begin a guided tour of Pashpatinath, Bhouda Stupa, Swyamboudh Stupa and Kathmandu Durbar Square. After lunch we have a pre trip briefing. After this there is time for last minute shopping items, etc.

Day 3

Early morning drive by tourist bus to Arughat Bazaar, where we stop for snacks and then drive by jeep to Soti Khola.

Day 4

Soti Khola to Machha Khola 930m/ 3,051 feet (6-8hrs) We walk through forest and villages passing streams and waterfalls in the lush green valley. We stop for lunch at Lapubesi before carrying on to Machha Khola. The trail is narrow and steep and can be challenging in places.

Day 5

Maccha Khola to Jagat 1,350m/ 4,429 feet (6-8hrs) We walk upstream to Khola Bensi before continuing to Tatopani. The trail can be exposed and challenging in places.  We then walk through forest and cross the river on a suspension bridge before heading into Jagat.

Day 6

Jagat to Lokpa via Philim 2,240m/ 7,349 feet  (6-7hrs). At first we trek gently uphill before following a flat levelled path. We then cross a suspension bridge over the Budhi Gandaki before reaching Philim, which is a large village mainly inhabited by Gurungs. We continue on to Lokpa where we stay overnight.

Day 7

Lokpa to Chumling 2,386m/ 7,828 feet (4-5hrs). The trail today is rough and rocky underfoot and has steep ascents and descents. We trek through forest and through a narrow gorge, which then opens out on to a beautiful vista of Shringi Himal and waterfalls cascading down the mountain. Chumling is on the south face of the Shingri Himal.

Day 8

Chumling to Chokung Paro 3,030m/ 9,941 feet (5-6hrs). Weather permitting we enjoy views of the Ganesh Himal range. The area is known for its strong Tibetan Buddhist heritage. Polyandry used to be practiced in this area but this is less so now a days.  Marriages tend to be arranged but young people today have some say in who they marry, families arranging partnerships of their choice.

Day 9

Chokang Paro to Nile 3,361m/ 11,027 feet (4-5hrs). It is generally an easier walk today, with much to see on the way; settlements, chortens, mani walls and Gompas. A visit to Milarepas cave and Gonhgye monastery above Chhule are worthwhile. Nile is the last village heading north in the upper Tsum Valley and situated on the banks of the Shiar Khola.

Day 10

Nile to Mu Gompa 3,700m/ 12,139 feet (3hrs).  Mu Gompa is home to a very old monastery. This trail is a trade route to and from Tibet. You may come across several yak trains supplying goods to local villages. We can visit the nunnery and small pond. The mountain views in this area are beautiful.

Day 11

Mu Gompa to Rachen Gumba (4-5hrs). Great views of the mountains and the valley can be enjoyed from here.

Day 12

Rachen Gumba to Chumling (6-7hrs). Again we enjoy views of Baudha Himal and Himalchuli.

Day 13

Chumling to Phillim (6-7hrs).

Day 14

Phillim to Dobhan (6-7hrs).

Day 15

Dobhan to Lapubesi (7-8hrs).

Day 16

Lapubesi to Arughat.

Day 17        

Arughat to Kathmandu.

Day 18

Transfer to Airport for onward journey.

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