Picking the right airline for your trekking adventure

We know there are lot of options for people joining our treks and adventures around the world. You may be part of a mileage program like One World, Star Alliance or Sky Team. If you you will probably fly these airlines to get extra baggage, priority boarding and access to lounges.

If you are just picking an airline on Orbitz, skyscanner, Expedia, local travel agent or recommendation from a friend. Then that also great. There are a few things you need to think about when you are booking your International flight.

We have over 500 people per year coming on our treks and trips to Kilimanjaro, The Everest Region, Annapurna, The Alps, Mount Elbrus and if your bags do not show up then

Here are 5 Airlines we have had good experiences with

1). Qatar Airways

2). American Airways

3). Emirates Airlines

4). Etihad Airways

5). KLM Airlines

Here are 4 Airlines we have had bad experiences with

1). British Airways

2). United Airlines

3). Latam Airlines

4). China Southern

TOP 5 TIPS for booking your flights

1). When booking your flight, please make sure you book with the same airlines all the way through the journey or at least airlines in the same program. For example, if you are using Qatar Airlines you need to use American Airlines as they are partner airlines.  If they misplace your bags on route,  it will be so much easier to find them and get them to you within 24 hours so you can continue on your trekking adventure.

2). Make sure you have at least a full day on the front end of your trip. So you have time to receive your bags.  There are a few reasons to do this. One reason is, if your bags are delayed you have time to receive your bags before you go into a wilderness environment.

3). Make sure you have Insurance that covers the full cost of your luggage, Insurance that covers a change in flight, Insurance that covers the cancellation of your flight.

4). Make sure you book your seat close to the front of the plane so you can get off early and start getting you visa so you can exit the airport as quickly as possible.

5). Check out at least 3 different websites for flight options and transfer times and try to book directly with the Airline for the best protection.

Some airlines will go out of their way to get you where you need to be. They will do their best to get you on the same airline, or partner airline to make sure your bags arrive. Other airlines do a poor job at helping you. If your flights are delayed make sure you do not allow them to book you on a different airline or non partner airline.

We have been flying and traveling for over 20 years and make 7 or 8 International trips per year and try and work with these better airlines for safety, comfort, support, food, services and baggage delay support.