Packing for Mera Peak

Making sure you have the right gear for your Mera Peak climb is essential.  Our itinerary on Mera Peak takes you off the beaten path, with a combination of camping and staying in Tea Houses.  Being out in the elements without the right gear could ruin your trip.  Make sure that if you have put in the effort to train and prepare for the trek, that you don’t show up with the wrong gear!

Here is what you should consider packing for your Mera Peak trip. We run approximately 6 Mera Peak Expeditions per year. Firstly, watch our packing video below, then CONTACT US to find out more. If you sign up to one of our trips, then we will also send you our 30 page trips dossier. which includes an itemized kit list and so much more.

Packing for your Mera Peak Climb

Remember you need to test your gear and get outdoors to get comfortable with your gear.  One of the most important factors is to make sure you break in your trekking boots and mountaineering boots. Being comfortable in your trekking boots is essential.  Also, make sure that you have done some training with your mountaineering boots on.  Make sure that you are used to wearing the more rigid and larger boot.  

In Kathmandu, we also have the option to rent your sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, down jacket, and trekking poles.  If you do not want to invest in any of these items, just let us know, and you can rent them from us!  

Speak to the Experts

Feel free to CONTACT US to find out everything you need for your Mera Peak climb. We have the expertise and knowledge on the region and gear needed.  Therefore, you need to get in touch today and let us help you make this trip of a lifetime, a reality! 

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