Packing for Mera peak

Here is what you should consider packing for your Mera peak trip. We run 7 to 10 Mera Peak Expeditions per year. First thing here is watch our Mera Peak packing video and then CONTACT US for find out more. If you sign up to one of our trips we will send you our 40 page trips dossier with itemized kit list and so much more.

Packing for your Mera Peak Climb

Remember you need to test your gear and get out doors and find out what fits you, make you break in your trekking boots and make sure you mountaineering boots are comfortable and working well.

You need to make sure all your gear is tried and tested well in advance of going to Mera Peak. Lets chat and talk through your gear and what is the best way to gather the best gear for the right price.

We also rent a range of year out of our Kathmandu office. Just CONTACT US and find out everything you need to your Mera peak climb.

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