My Trek to Machu Picchu

First of all, thank you all for your training advice, and guidance in helping me take one step at a time. I have a dream of climbing Island Peak and glad I took your advice to start taking smaller steps to achieve my ultimate goal. It wasn’t hard to convince me to undertake this trek to Machu Picchu. As a kid I was fascinated with the lost city of the Inca’s and Peru has long been on my mind. Time was an issue for me, a business owner with kids of my own. I knew I would have to find time to prepare and glad I took your advice as I enjoyed it all the more.
I got out to the hills once a month sometimes twice a month carrying 6kg – 10kg for 3 – 5 hours. I also did a lot of walking up hill on the stair master, cycling, walking, light jogging and tried to be active 3 times a week. I wasn’t a big fan of the training but glad now I followed the advice and now know how to develop this for my next trek and climb.

It’s a long way to Peru, we rested in Lima for the night before heading to Cusco, which was one of the coolest cities I have ever been too. Culture, history, ancient ruins, quaint back streets and magical vibe. The restaurants were great and the company wasn’t bad either. I did notice the lack of oxygen straight away and drank 5 liters of water that day. We strolled around and took it easy that day, a little shopping and getting a feel for the people and this impressive city.

The following day we headed to the sacred valley on a full day tour. We were so glad we had the extra day for acclimatization and this valley is nothing short of spectacular. Learning about the how the Inca’s constructed these buildings, managed the landscape and developed cutting edge technology, at the time of course. I had a great day and glad to have that extra day to relax and experience more of the country.

The following morning we were up early and brought to the start of the trail, it took a few hours to get everyone loaded up to carry our food, tents and gear into the mountains. All very excited, our guide was telling us about the local who can run the trail in 5 hours. We had 4 days so plenty of time to relax and enjoy the trail. We passed several ruins and drop points for the Inca’s on route to Machu Picchu. Each day held up hill and down hill sections, some sections had steep rock steps and glad I had my trekking poles for this. I found day two the toughest, I was told I would be walking slowly and was so important not to push hard on the trail, but to walk as slowly as possible as there is no rush getting to camps each day. This is what I loved about this trek. Plenty of time for breaks, interesting information about the different sections of the trail and how the Incan civilization constructed this secret network of buildings, trails. It is so impressive and a system one can only admire.

We had great fun over dinner, food was great, tents and set up was great, we really got into the wilderness living and it was a great experience, the mountain toilets are not great but that is all part of the journey and it wasn’t as cold as I taught it would be. ┬áSo if your not into a little nastiness, stay away from this type of trip. For me I was really getting into the outdoor living, and camping experience and knew a shower was only a few days away. Each day brought amazing views, valleys and we only got rained on once. The group were really enjoying the whole experience and waking up at 3am on the last day was a great moment, we are heading to Machu Picchu. We hiked for a few hours to the sun gate to watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu which was an great experience and walking down towards the city was a moment I will never forget. I had seen plenty of pictures of Machu Picchu but walking down towards the city was just incredible and a great moment in my life. The preparation paid off and what an incredibly enjoyable experience. Our tour of Machu Picchu was amazing and then walking around for hours exploring this magical city was truly inspiring. We returned to Cusco late in the day and got cleaned up. A great tour, experience and service and I will return with my kids at some point. Everyone should experience Machu Picchu and this trek once in a lifetime for me I will be back.

Thank you again for this experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey. I will be in touch soon for more training tips for Island peak.
John Frazer – Inca Trail – 2017
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