Hiking up Holy Cross Mountain in Colorado

If you are longing for a hiking trip to Colorado look no further than hiking to the summit of Holy Cross Mountain. Holy Cross is in our background. From Eagle-Vail we have an short drive through Minturn with Vail Mountain on our left. We then head up Tigiwon road to the start of the trail. Holy Cross is the highest point in Eagle County, Colorado at 14,005 feet or 4,269 meters fall. After climbing Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro 40+ times and leading over 150 Expeditions.  I can tell you the sunrise view off Holy Cross mountain will leave you energized and in awe workers who built these trail and roads across the western US.

Half moon pass trail

The Famous Cross

Holy Cross Mountain was named for the distinctive cross shaped snowfield on its northeast face. Herbert Hoover proclaimed the mountain as “Holy Cross National Monument in May 1929. Thousands of pilgrims travelled from across the United States to see this Holy Cross. One of the main viewing points of the Holy Cross is from Notch Mountain. You can follow the pilgrims trail up to 13,100 feet or 3,993 meters to a hut and gaze across to the Mount of the Holy Cross.

Holy Cross Peak

A Little History

The area lost its National Park status in the 1950’s but never it’s harm and stunning beauty. There is a point when you round a corner on the trail to Holy Cross and hard not to stand in awe of this mighty mountain. Holy Cross stands majestic in all it’s glory.

Holy Cross has been subject of painters and Photographers and even made it into a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The first recorded summit was back in 1873 and you could be part of the Holy Cross story. The first winter ascent was in 1943 by the famed 10th Mountain Division stationed at Camp Hale on the way to Leadville Colorado.

The top of Holy Cross Mountain

Hike up for Sunrise

Holy Cross has many different routes to the summit. We always hike in with all our gear via the Half Moon Pass route. This takes 2 hours if you enjoy the hike in. We set up camp for the night in the designated camping area and at 4am we hike up the North East ridge to the summit. This takes 3 hours to reach the summit. The total ascent is 5,000 feet or 1,524 meters and over 11.5 miles. Follow us on Instagram.

Looking across to Notch Mountain

Hiking Holy Cross early in the morning is one of my favorite summer hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountain of Colorado. Why join us as you prepare for one of your International treks with us around the world.

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