Team Training

We are always available to assist any group or individual with mountain training days in preparation for your chosen adventure. We have excellent guides available to take you off the beaten track, get the training and preparation you need.  If possible, it is great for people joining a team training sessions for international treks or expeditions to gain confidence and friendships with the other climbers before heading out on your adventure together.

We organize training treks and team training hikes into local mountains where possible. We our available to assist groups to plan and organize trips to local mountains which will provide adequate training grounds for your chosen adventure. We want to support you and your team training and help you achieve your goals for your chosen trek in advance to heading abroad.

These team training hikes will work on the following:

– Trekking distances

– Using your pack pack correctly

– Packing your gear

– Building your training and conditioning

– Medical preparation

– Correct Clothing

We will be available to your group on the phone and Skype 5 days a week, making sure everyone has the correct and up to date information about his/her trip. Our goal is to help your group get fully prepared for your chosen adventure and build the right conditioning needed to succeed on our international treks.  We look forward to working with you and your team.