So your off to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. You stood also consider your lead up to the trip. How have you been training. You have to walk up and down hill quite a bit on mixed rocky terrain. Sometimes on steep steps built into the trail. People worry about the distances, it doesn’t really matter. Make sure you have the conditioning in the legs and body to handle the distances and this type of hiking.  Avid trekkers and hill walkers will have no problem with the terrain and should know how to pace themselves. Ideally train with extra weight in your backpack and cover steep ground up and down to get the legs conditioned. There are lots of different ways to do this. A good level of fitness will help you enjoy the journey all the more. We can discuss training with you at any stage.

After all that, you will walk 24 miles or just over 39 Kilometers. This distance is spread out over 4 days, if you target the Salkantay route you add a little more trekking distances and unique scenery on route to the traditional Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Here are the daily distances on the Inca trail.
Day1: You are up early and driven to the start of the Inca trail, porters sort your gear bags, camping equipment, food etc… everything needed for the trek. You start walking from the sign above marking the entrance to the trail at the 82km mark point, cross the river and your on your way. Keep hydrated and take your time, you will be trekking for 5 to 7 hours so be ready for it. Enjoy the old Incan sites and picture the Incan running past you on the trail. The first section is very gentle and the trail gets steeper after lunch leading long and slow up to your first nights camping at Wayllabamba 3,100m
Day 2: After a night under canvas and possible rain and thunder storms you get at it again, you can feel the altitude at the point, so nice and slowly, take your time. You will be up at 7am and trekking for 7+ hours. You are hitting the high point on the trek today at 4,215m/13,828ft and the dead woman pass. You will gain a lot of altitude today and also drop down the steep steps. You will have lunch before the pass and then drop down 700m/ 2,296ft.  I have been there many times and don’t really see the hills molded into a women lying down but see what you think. After lunch is more gentle slope but prepare for the long steps down to camp. You will be camping at Pacaymayo 3,500m/ 11,483ft for the night.
Day 3: Up early again, this trekking is easier from here but longer in distance, you will pass over two passes today and check out the amazing ruins of Runkurakay and continue on to the ruins of Sayacmarka, there are many scenic viewing points on this part of the trail. You will continue on to a third high point at Phuyupatamarka. This is where you may camp for the night, or you will stay at WinayWayna. You will be trekking for 7/8 hours today.
Day 4: You will be up early usually 3am to let the porters get down and get a early train home. This is the final push. The control gate is 10 minutes from the camp and you have to wait until 5:30am to be allowed pass. There is some waiting around. You are aiming to be at the sun gate just before the sun comes up and get your first view of Machu Picchu. This should take 1 to 1 and a half hours. The trail through the forest track winds around the hill side with a few steep inclines before the sun Gate or Inti Punku. It can be cloudy.
If it is, you can wait for the misty to rise or will continue down hill on the stone carved path which leads directly into the city. You can explore yourself before your guided tour. You will be trekking for 2/5 hours depending on the previous nights stay and walking around all day in Machu Picchu city for about 4 hours. Why not call us and find out more.
 1  82km  marker  2,750  9,000  Huaylla
 2,954  9,691  5/7 12.5   7.8
 2  Huaylla
 2,954  9,691  Pacay
 3,607  11,833  7  8.3  5.1
 3  Pacay
 3,607  11,833  Winay  Wayna  2,550  8,366  5/6  7.3  4.5
 4  Winay
 2,550  8,366  Machu
 2,400  7,474  4  11   6.9
 TOTAL:  39.1  24.3


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