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Ama Dablam

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Dates to be confirmed.

Dates to be confirmed

Climb Ama Dablam 17th Oct – 17th Nov 2020

1 SPACE OPEN   Led by Ian Taylor / Chris Berdoulay and Ang Kami Sherpa

We require a lot of previous experience

Ama Dablam is an amazing climb and one of the great Himalayan climbing peaks. If you are interested in signing up with us, you will need a wide range of experience and proven mountaineering skills. We will require that you have climbed with us before as we will only be taking climbers we know and have proven to us they are safe and will work well in a team. You will be climbing above 6,000m/ 20,000 feet on 60/70 degree angle with our own fixed ropes on challenging terrain at extreme altitude. You need to come fully prepared mentally, physically and technically.

At the end of the day on Ama Dablam there is a lot of scrambling, some Difficult to Severe pitches, a bit of HVS climbing, some grade 3 terrain and lots of Alpine style ground to cover. Put this together into a 6,812m environment where you are in extreme altitude and exposed for back to back days and you can see the importance of being able to deal with an ever changing mountain environment. We do require a lot of high altitude mountaineering and rock climbing experience.

Climb Ama Dablam

There will be ropes fixed the whole way to the summit. This does not mean to can can roll up with minimal experience. You need to be able to climb steep rock and hard ice unsupervised, carrying a big pack. You need to be psychologically prepared for living high on a precipitous mountain in cold conditions. The route is extremely exposed in places, where a small mistake or fall could be fatal.

CONTACT US today and find out more about our longer itinerary, get your training plan in action. We have the team in place to give you the best chance at success. If you come trained and prepared we will play our part and give you the best chance at success Climbing Ama Dablam.

Climb Ama Dablam

Ian has climbed Everest, Island peak 17 times to date and climbed Ama Dablam.  We will personally help you prepare and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. This expedition will require a mix of experience. You will need to be proficient in Abseiling, rocking climbing, mountaineering and be in the best physical conditioning of your life. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.

Climb Ama Dablam

Climb Ama Dablam with us and give yourself the best chance at success. Ama Dablam is one of the most captivating mountains in the world. We don’t run that many climbs to this fantastic mountain. When we do we only climb it with team members who we have climbed with us before. We will not be signing up random people are our climbs. We have a strong competent team that we know, trust and we will work together to be successful. We can run private groups to Ama Dablam but the team would need to have climbed with us before.  We will have 8 spaces available on our Ama Dablam climb 2020. Sign up for our Island peak climb prior to the Ama Dablam climb and we will help you prepare, train and prepare for your Himalayan climbing adventure.

Climb Ama Dablam

The summit of Ama Dablam is small with world class views of the whole Everest region. Standing high in the Himalaya’s is something very special. Standing on the summit of Ama Dablam is the crowning jewel in your Himalayan climbing career. Marvel at the Himalayan range right there in front of you and be left inspired by the world’s highest mountain close up. Ama Dablam is not easy but can be achieved with a lot of training, preparation, experience and high altitude experience.
We want everyone to enjoy the climb, so being prepared is essential. On route to Ama Dablam we will trek on part of the Everest Base Camp route and enjoy the Everest region from a very unique perspective.  Lots of people want to stand above 20,000 feet above sea level and this could be your chance to experience one of the classic Himalayan peaks. Join us climbing Ama Dablam with us in 2020.

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