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A climb on Alpamayo has to be one mountain you need to climb. The stunning fluted face of Alpamayo looks intimidating and is challenging. The warm up climbing Pisco mountain leads nicely in this amazing journey to climb Alpamayo.
Alpamayo has one of the great mountain faces of the world. Standing on the summit of Alpamayo is a summit you will never forget. This climb will leave you wanting more. With excellent preparation climbing Pisco in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. We will then attempt Alpamayo’s summit at 19,511 feet. This is a 16 day trip, starting and ending in Lima. Click here and go to our Alpamayo Page
The 1,200 feet face of challenging climbing on Alpamayo is unforgettable. With plenty of training and preparation this is achievable for most proficient climbers. If you interested in joining our team to climb Alpamayo in Peru in 2016 get in touch.
Team of six climbers:     $3,800 per person
Team of four climbers:   $3,920 per person
Team of two climbers:   $4,300 per person 

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