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Nordic Ski Training In Norway

Dates to be confirmed.

Dates to be confirmed.

Dates to be confirmed

Winter training in Norway 5th  –  10th  March 2021  8 SPACES OPEN

Svalbard Crossing  28th March  –  11th April 2022 6 SPACES OPEN

Moving across different mountain terrain in Norway  High training in the Norwegian mountains

Winter Nordic ski training in Norway

Join our Winter Nordic ski training in Norway and you will learn on the job, and you don’t need any prior experience Nordic skiing. Once you have a good level of fitness, interested in having fun, learning new skills this trip will push you and challenge you in a different way. This course is essential for anyone consider our Svalbard crossing.

Winter Nordic ski training in Norway

During the week we will cover specific Polar training skills, Polar navigation, camp craft and camping routines. This is an action packed week of Norwegian mountain travel in a challenging and run atmosphere. We will provide, ski’s, boots, sleds, tents, stoves and camping equipment. We will provide a full kit list on signing up.

Cruising around the mountains of Norway.

Tents set up for the night in Norway

Winter Nordic ski training in Norway

Call or e-mail us for more information and look forward to welcoming you to Norway. Winter training in Norway is essential before jump into a cold weather crossing of Svalbard or Greenland, get in touch and we can assess your ability to undertake this amazing adventure in polar conditions.

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