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Mount Elbrus Treks

12th Jun - 23rd Jun
12 Day Itinerary

Sold Out

5th Jul - 16th Jul
12 Day Itinerary Led by Dr. Scott McIntosh
17th Jul - 29th Jul
8 Day Itinerary PRIVATE

Sold Out

7th Aug - 18th Aug
12 day Itinerary
21st Aug - 2nd Sep
12 Day Itinerary PRIVATE

Sold Out

4th Sep - 14th Sep
12 Day Itinerary


Dates to be confirmed.

Dates to be confirmed

We had 90% success on our 2019 climbs. CONTACT US today for further information.

Mount Elbrus needs serious consideration

We offer 6 of the 7 summits and climbing Mount Elbrus gives you a chance to climb one of those 7 summits. Mount Elbrus is not technically very difficult, but is an exciting challenge, with harsh weather and temperatures can drop well below zero Celsius during the climbing season, so it is really important to be physically prepared for your ascent of Mount Elbrus. Elbrus is highly underestimates and requires the best acclimatization.

Why chose us for your Mount Elbrus Climb

Mount Elbrus is Europe’s highest peak. We offer a range of itineraries. We offer Mt. Blanc and Elbrus. Kilimanjaro and Elbrus programs to suit you. We can tailor itineraries for small and large groups. In my opinion our 12 day trekking and climbing program will give you the acclimatization including trekking on the north and eastern sides of Mount Elbrus and then climbing on the safer south side of the mountain. Read some REVIEWS from our trips to Elbrus. These programs are giving us an overall 85% success rates to date. READ MORE

Mount Elbrus Climbs

Mount Elbrus Climbs with Ian Taylor Trekking are just better. We have the best acclimatization schedule that works. We have tried and tested many itineraries over the past 15 years. We have the best Training advice and experience on hand to assist you at every turn. We offer you the best way to be safe and successful on Europe’s highest peak. Call us today and learn more about our quality Mount Elbrus climbs.

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