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Crossing Svalbard

19th Apr - 27th Apr
Svalbard Experience

Crossing Svalbard is one a challenging trip so we have developed another itinerary to experience Svalbard. If you have completed one of our Nordic ski training courses in Norway then this could be trip for you. Crossing Svalbard or our Svalbard experience tour could be the big polar challenge you have been looking for.

Svalbard Crossing

Now it’s time to put all that learning into action and ski across Svalbard. You will navigate your way across Svalbard over 7 days. Skiing over 15km each day, rigging up Polar bear defense systems. Skiing across mountain passes and skiing across sea ice to make your way back to Longyearbyen.

Achieving this crossing in the Arctic will leave you wanting more remote and challenging landscapes like Greenland or Antarctica. This journey to the north reaches of the planet, leads you into a world of cold and you need to be well prepared for this adventure.

Crossing Svalbard

Polar Travel on Svalbard

Crossing Svalbard is achieved on ski’s. We will be crossing Svalbard pulling all our equipment in bulks, setting in camps on the wild glaciers that cover the whole Island. To get the most out of our Svalbard crossing trip, we recommend physical training 4/5 times a week and some previous Nordic skiing is necessary and important. Running, walking in the mountains, walking with a backpack or dragging tires is the best way to prepare for this trip. We can also suggest a training program for you.


Polar Gear and Clothing

We will provide a full kit list on signing up. There are also a number of items you can rent.  Throughout this journey you will learn a lot about polar travel, wilderness and cold weather living. You will learn how to ski on different terrain and advance your cold weather knowledge while enjoying this magical polar environment. Follow us on Instagram.

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