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Cotopaxi and Chimborazo

Dates to be confirmed.

5th Dec - 17th Dec
Cotopaxi and Chimborazo


Dates to be confirmed

Dates to be confirmed

Cotopaxi is without a doubt one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. It is the most frequently visited mountain in Ecuador, due to the fact it has the highest number of clear days in the country and can be seen from many parts of Ecuador. Most climbers drive into the park, hike to the hut of Cotopaxi and leave again. But Cotopaxi National park offer much more.

The summit of Cotopaxi

The Best of Cotopaxi National Park

The Cotopaxi National Park is amazing and has many other smaller volcanoes and peaks, which are wonderful to climb. Learn more. At the same time they offer fantastic acclimatization opportunities. It will give us a fantastic chance to intensively enjoy and experience the beautiful landscape of the Cotopaxi Park

Route to the summit of Cotopaxi

Most of the Most of Ecuador on our Itinerary

Packed with activity and variety, this expedition enables you to experience the
landscape, culture and people of the smallest Andean country in less than two weeks. Ecuador is now one of the easiest and most pleasant of South American
countries in which to travel. Its capital city, Quito, has a beautifully preserved colonial and Inca character.  At an altitude of 2,850m/ 9,350 feet, it enjoys an invigorating spring-like climate. During this expedition, you will have time to explore Quito and its enchanting Indian markets, as well as the famous hot springs at Baños.


Climb with Experts

We have developed a service and itinerary to you can have the experience of a lifetime. Our team of mountain guides will prepare you for all aspects of this trip. We propose this longer itinerary for comfort, experience, safety and success. Why not call us and learn more about our trips, service on this trip of a lifetime in Ecuador.  

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