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Climb Mount Toubkal

18th Feb - 25th Feb
Mount Toubkal

Climb Mount Toubkal

Following on from great success in the last few years.  We run 10 group treks per year to climb Toubkal, alongside a number of private trips. Our tours quality trips to Climb Mount Toubkal in Morocco. Our  are rich in culture and great way to test yourself at altitude before taking on Kilimanjaro or any Himalayan Adventure.

Climb Mount Toubkal   On route to Toubkal
Take a trip to the Moroccan desert  The desert in Morocco.

Luxury Trips to Mount Toubkal

We run a full service trip and you will be picked up from the airport in Marrakesh brought on the climb and dropped off at the airport. If you would just like the climbing price please get in touch for more information. Our trips to climb Mt. Toubkal are 7, 10 and 11 day trips. Why not stay on an take a journey a 3/4 day trip to the Sahara desert. Check out our Toubkal page.

Climb Mount Toubkal

Trek and Climb with Experts

Ian has climbed Toubkal 4 times and available to help you prepare for your Toubkal climbing adventure. We have 100% success rate, second to none. To climb Mount Toubkal, you need be be prepared. Snow in winter and warm in the summer you need to pick your climbing season. The trek passes through impressive landscapes on well-defined paths encompassing breathtaking scenery. As we climb higher, the paths become steeper and rugged in places. This rewarding trek passes through remote villages and terraced fields offering us an insight to the life of the hardy and friendly Berber people.

We have a range of itinerary options for climbing Mt. Toubkal. We also have a range of services from basic for 5 star hotels with more guides and support for your climb. The start of the trek is just a couple of hours drive from Marrakesh in the beautiful town of Imlil. All adventures on Mount Toubkal start in this unique mountain town. Imlil has a unique mountain vibe and one we are sure you will enjoy. The food, people are warm and welcoming and nice place to relax before and after your trek. Toubkal is a great experience but you should consider additional time n Morocco and time around these mountain villages. You would find time to explore Morocco’s most captivating city, Marrakesh. While in Morocco it is worth spending an extra few days to explore the desert, cities and unique picturesque scenery Morocco has to offer.

Going to Morocco is a really interested cultural experience. Morocco has a wide range of adventures available and we can tailor a climb, trek, desert trekking, nomadic visits or just relax on the beach after your trek to Toubkal. Follow us on Instagram.

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