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Climb Denali

18th May - 10th Jun
West Buttress led by Ian Taylor
15th Jun - 8th Jul
West Buttress route
17th May - 9th Jun
West Buttress route
14th Jun - 7th Jun
West Buttress route

Climb Denali with our team in 2025. Denali in Alaska is one of world’s most extreme mountains. Our Denali expedition is only for people with extensive mountaineering experience.  Feel free to call us about this exciting adventure to climb one of the 7 summits. Upcoming trip.

We work with guides approved for Denali National Park guiding making sure your safety is number one. Ian has climbed Denali 3 times so learn from his experience.
Climbing Denali required good level of mountaineering experience and excellent physical conditioning for load carrying at High Altitude.         Climb Denali

Denali is Not Easy

Climbing Denali in Alaska is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, attracting experienced mountaineers from around the world. Standing at 20,310 feet (6,194 meters), Denali is the highest peak in North America, and its unpredictable weather and severe conditions make the climb demanding.

The climb typically involves a 3 week expedition, requiring climbers to navigate through glaciers, crevasses, and steep ice and rock sections. The West Buttress route is the most popular, offering a gradual ascent, but climbers must be prepared for extreme cold, high altitudes, and potential hazards.

Climb Denali

Show up Physically Prepared

Proper preparation is essential, including physical conditioning, technical skills in ice and snow, and acclimatization to altitude. Climbers often spend several weeks on the mountain, acclimating to the thin air and adjusting to the challenging conditions.

It’s crucial to be well-equipped with appropriate gear, such as insulated clothing, mountaineering boots, and specialized equipment for glacier travel. Many climbers hire experienced guides or join guided expeditions to enhance safety and increase the chances of a successful summit.

In summary, while Denali’s climb is undoubtedly difficult, it offers a unique and awe-inspiring adventure for those with the necessary skills, experience, and determination.

Joining Us on Denali

Climbing Denali is on every 7 summiteers mind and one of the hardest mountains to climb for a range of reasons. Cold temperature, carrying heavy loads, being self sufficient all make for a challenges and rewarding mountaineering experience.

Climbing Denali on the West Buttress route has become the main route of choice for most Denali ascents, due to its relative ease of access and flights into the national park. We only allow people to join our teams that we have seen in action on a range of peaks.

Climbing on Denali

Training for Denali

Climbing Denali is a serious undertaking! Your training  program to climb Denali must also be a serious undertaking. The rigors of a 3-week expedition to high altitude require a lot of effort from its team members.
The more physically prepared you are for this workload; the better becomes your chance of success on the mountain.
Not only does being fit make the experience a lot more enjoyable, it is practically a prerequisite for expedition mountaineering and can make or break the climb. We do require that people signing up have climbed with us before and will need to see a good resume of experience. Contact us for training advice and more information about signing up. 
Climbing Denali in Alaska

Denali Climbs

Besides spending long hours travelling the glacier and gaining altitude while carrying a heavy pack and pulling a sled.  It is hard work setting up camp, shoveling tent platforms, and building snow walls.
Remember, climbing Denali requires careful planning, preparation, and respect for the mountain’s unpredictable nature. Always prioritize safety and be ready to turn back if conditions become too challenging.

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