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Climb Denali in Alaska is one of world’s most extreme mountains. Contact us for training advice and more information about signing up.

15th June  –  6th July 2019  –   SOLD OUT 
12th June – 3rd July 2021  –  10 SPACES OPEN 
CLICK HERE to check out our Denali page, feel free to call us about this exciting adventure to climb one of the 7 summits. CLICK HERE for a blog post on training for Denali. Join our Denali Climb 2020.

Denali Climbs

Climbing Denali is a serious undertaking! Ian has climbed Denali 3 times to date. Your program training to climb Denali must also be a serious undertaking. The rigors of a 3-week expedition to high altitude require a lot of effort from its team members. Not only does being fit make the experience a lot more enjoyable, it is practically a prerequisite for expedition mountaineering and can make or break the climb. We do require that people signing up have climbed with us before and will need to see a good resume of experience.

Denali Climbs

Besides spending long hours travelling the glacier and gaining altitude while carrying a heavy pack and pulling a sled, it is hard work setting up camp, shoveling tent platforms, and building snow walls. The more physically prepared you are for this workload; the better becomes your chance of success on the mountain.