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Cho Oyu – Climbing From The Tibetan Side

Dates to be confirmed.

Dates to be confirmed.

20th Aug - 1st Oct
Climbing Cho Oyu

Climbing Cho Oyu

Firstly, we will only accept mountaineering on this trip that we know and have climbed with. We are firm believers in team over individual endeavors. This will limit the number of trips we run but maximize safety. You can learn more about some of the mountains we expect you to have climbed before thinking about Cho Oyu.

The final slope to the summit of Cho Oyu Ian Taylor Trekking on the summit of Cho Oyu







The Sixth Highest Mountain in the World

Cho Oyu is the world’s 6th highest mountain. The world has 14 mountains above the height of 8,000m/ 26,246 feet. In our opinion you need to climb an 8,000m peak before trying to attempt climbing Everest. If Cho Oyu is your goal it will not disappoint.

What Experience we Require

You should have winters skills course in Scotland and Alpine mountaineering skills.  In our opinion you need to climb an 8,000m peak before trying to attempt climbing We will require that you have climbed the following mountains,  some with us before being considered for this expedition to climb Cho Oyu. Aconcagua, Denali, Island peak or Mera Peak and show an excellent level of mountaineering skill.

High on Cho Oyu looking at the topThe summit of Cho Oyu from base camp

Physical Preparation

We know you will have a wealth of hiking and trekking experience at altitude. It is extremely important to take a scientific approach in your training.  If you are thinking of climbing Cho Oyu we can help you will an extensive training plan. You will need to undertake a number of Vo2 max testing as part of your preparation. You will need to be able to benchmark your progression over a 8 to 12 month period.

We do require that you join some of our trekking and mountaineering trips in order to come fully prepared. We like to build teams working together so you will have either climbed with teammates before or you will have constant access to each other to make sure everyone is accountable to the team.  We all go with a team mentally, working together to achieve this goal.

Get in Touch Today

Climbing Oyu Oyu is not easy and needs careful consideration, training and conditioning to have a chance to success. We will have an excellent acclimatization schedule in place with additional days to acclimatize correctly. This will give you the best possible chance to success. We will only have 8 spaces open on this climb and will not accept people without the required experience. The climb will take 6 weeks so a lot of planning needs to be done prior to the trip. CONTACT US for more information.

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