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Aconcagua Expeditions

2nd Dec - 21st Dec
Vacas Valley Route


27th Dec - 16th Jan
Vacas Valley Route
20th Jan - 8th Feb
Vacas Valley Route
11th Feb - 3rd Mar
Vacas Valley Route (Led by Ian Taylor)
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1st Dec - 20th Dec
Vacas Valley Route
28th Dec - 16th Jan
Vacas Valley Route
19th Jan - 7th Feb
Vacas Valley Route
11th Feb - 1st Mar
Vacas Valley Route

The Vacas Valley Traverse Route

We love Aconcagua expeditions on the Vacas Valley route. The trek into Plaza Argentina Base Camp has less people and great trekking route.  We are all about having the best experience possible. We have showers, chef, Wi-Fi and comfortable Base Camp.  Aconcagua is technically straight forward but the altitude, weather and cold temperatures can cause a wide range of challenges.

Climb Aconcagua  Climb Aconcagua

Aconcagua Requires More Acclimatization

The first time I climbed Aconcagua was on a 14 day itinerary, this was a big mistake on a poorly managed itinerary.  Over the years we learned that more acclimatization and more contingency days gives you the best chance at successfully reaching the summit. Once we reach Base Camp we have four nights for further acclimatization. Once we move higher on the mountain we will have 6 days of carrying our personal gear and equipment higher on the mountain. We will have a rest day in Camp 2 5,500m/ 18,044 feet before moving to Camp 3 and our summit attempt.

Previous Altitude Experience

If you have some altitude experience like Kilimanjaro, Island peak or Mera Peak and used to carrying a weighted backpack then this could be the trip for you. We have a well established team on the mountain and we always send a western guide. Give yourself more comfort and a more enjoyable overall experience on one of the 7 summits.

Climbing  Aconcagua With Experts

Check out our Aconcagua page. We normally run 4 Aconcagua expeditions trips each year.  We also run trips for private groups with the right experience. We know you want to bag one of the seven summits and we will give you the best chance. We will have 3 or 4 opportunities to reach the summit. Our Base Camp set up is second to none and we only run a premium service on Aconcagua.  Get in touch and we can send you further  information about making this exciting adventure.  Follow us on Instagram.

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