Trips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro from Colorado

There is only one company offering quality trips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro from Colorado. If you are in Colorado and looking for free mountain training during the summer we have it. Sign up to one of our upcoming trips and you can join us hiking around the Vail valley on the weekends and gain all the information you need from professionals for FREE……………………

95% Success on our Lemosho route climbs

There are lots of companies offering trips to climb Kilimanjaro. Most have fake statistics on success rates, poor acclimatization and packing. They have poorly trained guides, poor tents, food and service. You need professional advice, information and here are the reasons you need to pick Ian Taylor Trekking for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Trips to climb Kilimanjaro from Colorado

Trips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro from Colorado

1). Colorado based company. We work out of Eagle-Vail

2). Our head guide has been to Colorado and was voted Kilimanjaro’s Best Guide

3). Employing staff in Nepal, Tanzania, Peru and Colorado

4). Paying our local staff above the normal rates

5). Supporting the Mt. Everest Primary School in Uganda

6). We support an Orphanage in Tanzania

7). More acclimatization for safer and more enjoyable experiences

8). Excellent reviews

9). Excellent Food on the mountain

10). FREE consultations and constant contact with our team in Colorado

11). FREE hikes in the Vail valley most weekends during the summer

12). 2,000+ clients on the summit of Kilimanjaro with 95% success rate on our 8 day climbs

We have the best service on Kilimanjaro

We have a service which has been tried and tested over the last 10 years. Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 30+ times to date. Building a solid team on the ground in Tanzania. Ian Taylor Trekking have success rates second to none. There are two main factors that make all the difference in being successful climbing Kilimanjaro. Number one: You need the best acclimatization possible. Number two: come with excellent preparation, strength and conditioning.

Have the right acclimatization and Physical training

There are a wide range of factors that help you have the best possible experience on Kilimanjaro. 50% is the place and you can only get the most out of the experience when you have enough time to acclimatize and enjoy. 50% is the people,  are staff and dream team will ensure a safe, enjoyable and amazing experience climbing Kilimanjaro.

Get the best advice on how to prepare for Kilimanjaro

Below are some additional links and critical information to be successful climbing Kilimanjaro. Additionally you can just CONTACT US and lets talk. We have a wealth of experience that can make all the difference. Let’s talk.

Trips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro from Colorado

1). Elevation gains on the Lemosho route up Kilimanjaro 

2). Training advice for your Kilimanjaro climb

3). Daily distances climbing Kilimanjaro

4). Best route to climb Kilimanjaro

6). What challenges will you face climbing Kilimanjaro

7). Is it difficult climbing on Kilimanjaro

Lets talk Kilimanjaro

We would prefer to talk with you about preparing to climb Kilimanjaro. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get the correct information.  If you want to support a Colorado company that helps in all the communities we work in. Just E-mail or call us and we would love to help you get all the information you need to be successful climbing Kilimanjaro.

All you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the Year 2019
International Tourism Award for Ian Taylor Trekking