Hiking in Colorado

Hiking in Colorado is some of the best in the world. You arrive in Vail, Colorado on holidays. You want to go Hiking in Colorado. Why not hike up Vail mountain with Everest summiteer Ian Taylor. Walk and talk with Ian and listen to Everest climbing stories and learn hiking techniques and how to hike and climb mountains efficiently. Ian can lead you up Vail mountain or one of the local mountains.

A little bit more about Hiking in Colorado

If we are hiking up Vail mountain we have a few options. We can either start in Vail Village or Lionshead village. There is the option hike up and down or return back down via the Gondola. Hiking in Colorado has so much to offer and the Vail are holds some hidden treasures. If you would like to go rock climbing or summit a 14 ers we can arrange that for you, our family and group.

Hiking in Colorado

We will start hiking at 10am and finish at either 1pm or 3pm depending on the route and time available. We will take snacks and some food on the mountain and relax and enjoy the views across the Gore range right up to East Vail and beyond Vail mountain. Read some reviews from our trrips.

Hiking in Colorado

This hike or hikes on the mountain can be used for training hikes for bigger trips you have planned. Ian has climbed Mt. Everest to the top, lead 30+ treks to Everest base camp, climbed Kilimanjaro 27 times, Island peak 10 times, and numerous other peaks around the world. Ian will show you walking and breathing techniques that will help you maximize your experience and preparation for future hikes and treks.



The hike up Vail mountain will cost $150 per person.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have by email, phone or skype, so contact us today!