The Eiger Itinerary

The Eiger Climb Itinerary


Day 1:              Aim to fly in Saturday and be ready to meet Saturday evening to go through the weather/conditions and plan for the week. You can ask all questions so  you are fully up to speed with the weeks activities.

Day 2:              Up early and get a run at the cosmiques aretes or similar route out of Chamonix. This will give the guides an idea of how the team is going to work over the coming days. Stay over night in the Torino hut.

Day 3:              Up early and traverse the Entrevesm the Tour Ronde before another night in the Torino hut.  

Dat 4:               You will get at it again, up early and climbing the Dent du Geant and back up to the midi station and back to Chamonix. This is your final chance to get acclimatised, and comfortable with your guide before the real deal.

Day 5:              Drive to Grindlewald and trek to the Monchjoch hut.

Day 6:              Time to go, we are climbing the Eiger, this is a long day and could take up to 10 hours. If we can not go for the summit due to weather conditions we will wait for the following day to make our attempt. 

Day 7:             This is our spare day built in and we will go for the summit due to bad weather conditions. This will give you every chance of making the summit. We will return all the way back down to the valley and back to Chamonix for the night.

Day 8:              Departure home or onward journey.