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India – Ladakh Trek 


The Ladakh Trek, known as the land of high pass, includes Khardong La at 5,400 meters, located on the trans-Himalayan zone, marks the boundary between the peaks of the western Himalayaand the vast Tibetan plateau.  It is located in a region that naturally lends itself to exceptional treks with its incredible landscape.  Since the area was opened up to tourism in 1974, Ladakh has been known as the “Moonland”, “Little Tibet”, and even “the Last Shangri-La”. Whatever the description may be, Ladakh is one of the most remote regions of India, and the trekker will notice this as you can avoid roads for weeks at a time.  Ladakh consists of rugged and inhospitable terrain, tempered only in the depths of the valleys where the minimal rainfall has been diverted along irrigation canals.  In the valleys, willow trees contrast with the barren mountain landscape, which support human habitation and you will see settlements and monasteries perched high on top of mountains, adding a unique character to this incredible landscape.