My Journey Reaching Everest Base Camp against all odds

My journey Reaching Everest Base Camp against all odds. Do you ever dream of doing something you feel would be incredibly intangible for you to do? I know I do All the time!! Mount Everest Base camp is one of many of those dreams! But what if I told you that making your dreams come […]

Trekking with Ian Taylor Trekking

Ian Taylor Trekking As with everything in life I spend a lot of time researching on the web when I need or want something, when you put in Mount Everest Base Camp trekking pages of different companies come up, I reached out to 4 or 5 different companies to see what everybody offered and many […]

Sleeping at Everest Base Camp for my 50th birthday

Well how did my trek to Everest base camp come about? 3 Years ago I set a personal goal to be at Base camp on the 22nd October 2015 so checking out trekking guides, I came across Ian Taylor trekking. Ian was the youngest Irish man to summit Everest in 2008. So he should know what he’s […]