Sitting in Namche Bazaar

The weather in Namche is like nothing I have ever seen before. The monsoon is well and truly still in action. We are really lucky to get our full team into the mountains. People had been waiting 4,5,6 days to get into Lukla. Our team of 17 got into the mountains but lots of people were left in Kathmandu.

I have never seen rain like this in the latter part of September. The monsoon season turns on in early June and usually runs to early September. Some years there is more rain than others. I have been coming to the Himalaya’s for 14 years and never I have seen so much rain in late September. We hope the weather clears over the coming days or this will be a miserable trip up to Everest Base Camp.

Some of our group found the last remaining Sherpa climber from the 1953 Everest Expedition alive and well in Namche Bazaar. His name is Kancha Sherpa. If you are in Namche Bazaar and want to have an amazing experience you need to meet Kancha Sherpa at the Nirvana lodge. His story is truly amazing and one you will truly enjoy.

Sitting in Namche Bazaar, even if it is raining there is so much to do. You can watch movies and play pool in Cafe Danfe, hang out with Kancha Sherpa, learn more at the Sherpa museum, relax at the Himalayan lodge, chose from a wide range of bakeries or shop in many of the local shops.