Sherpa appeal for help in Nepal

Support our Sherpa appeal for help in Nepal. Our friend and head climbing Sherpa Ang Kami had been leading our Island peak climb in Nepal, where 7 out of 9 made it to the summit of Island peak on April 20th 2015. Ang Kami has climbed Island peak over 150 times and is a world class climbing Sherpa. CLICK HERE and find out more about trekking up Pikey peak and visiting and helping the village. This remote village needs help now.  Please run an event for Goli and we will make sure the funds go directly to the village. Please DONATE to the village of Goli if you can. Why not trek to Everest Base Camp and help raise funds for Goli Village.

Sherpa appeal for help in Nepal

Ang Kami left Kathmandu early on the morning of the 25th April to make the long journey back to his village of Goli, below Pikey Peak and near Mt. Everest. Goli village is 109km east of Kathmandu and has been left in ruin after two major earthquakes in the region. The first earthquake hit the day Ang Kami left Kathmandu to be with this family for the week. The second hit on the 12th May and did more damage to the village.

Sherpa appeal for help in Nepal

Ang Kami’s wife and 3 year old baby live in the village while Ang Kami helps us lead treks and climbs across Nepal. They need our help now more than ever and hope you can help us help them and their people in this amazing part of the world.

Goli village has 456 homes, monastery, school, health post most of which have been damaged. They need your support, time and money to get them back on their feet.

View of Everest from Pikey peak in Nepal
View of Everest from Pikey peak in Nepal above the village of Goli.

Sherpa appeal for help in Nepal

We have set up a trek to this point Pikey peak 4,065m/ 13,336ft above the village of Goli. You can clearly see Mt. Everest and the highest mountains in the world.  You can now trek in Nepal and bring your funds in support of these people. If you want to make sure your money goes directly to the people join this trek, come and work in the village and help them get back on their feet. CLICK HERE for more information.


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