Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure is really important.

1). Ian Taylor Trekking do not outsource staffing in key locations

2). Employing Full time staff in Nepal, Tanzania, Peru and Colorado

3). Paying our local staff above the normal rates

4). Supporting the Mt. Everest Primary School in Uganda

5). More acclimatization for safer and more enjoyable experiences

6). Excellent reviews

7). Excellent Food on the mountain

8). FREE consultations and constant contact with our team in Colorado

9). FREE hikes in the Vail valley most weekends during the summer

10). 1,400+ clients on the summit of Kilimanjaro with 98% success rate on our 8 day climbs

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

You pay for what you get. There are THREE things to consider when you are picking the right trekking company to travel with. I will list them and go into a discussion about them.

1). Pick the acclimatization schedule with extra days!
2). Be able to contact professional staff weekly, prior to the trip to get the best advice on how to prepare and be successful
3). Make sure the staff on the ground are being well looked after. 

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure  

1). Most people know nothing or very little about how their bodies react at altitude, they also know very little about altitude, acclimatizing, how much you should go higher in any given day. They also trust the information provided to them. You shouldn’t trust the information. You need pick itineraries that have more acclimatization, lower prices mean less safety.  Most companies follow each other offering the same itinerary, service with under trained staff and don’t understand the needs of trekkers at high altitude.

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

We are all different, some people adapt well, others don’t, so why sign up to a trek and have the same itinerary everyone else is doing. I will be more specific, out of all the thousands of people to attempt to climb Kilimanjaro over 50% of people fail………………. you might thing 50% didn’t train properly, or they were not that fit or they couldn’t suck up the pain. No they decided to save some money and climb in less days and did not make it to the summit of Kilimanjaro. That the goal, isn’t it?

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

They have spent Thousands of dollars to fly to Africa, Nepal, Peru, Europe, dedicating hours and hours of time to prepare gathering gear and equipment and training hard for months prior the the trip. People need to spend the extra dollars to do it right.  If they decided to climb Kilimanjaro on an 8 day trip they would have over a 90% chance at making a safe and enjoyable climb. 4 and 5 day treks up Kilimanjaro are stupid, dangerous and what a waist of time.

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

People spend weeks and months preparing, do it right, add the extra days to your trek. The best companies have additional days built in at the critical acclimatization points based off research for your safety and want to give you the best possible chance at success, adventure and enjoyment. DO NOT SCRIMP ON ACCLIMATIZATION……..

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure  

2). Adventure is great, travelling the world, seeing amazing places, people and going places very few people ever venture. You need to prepare correctly so having access to people who have been on these adventures many times is key. Ask the company you sign up with everything. Reading random blog posts and internet reviews is not the way to go. Contact the trekking company and ask them all the questions you have. Good companies will have details dossiers, training advice and constant advice, training and preparation set up for you so you can gather the knowledge and information you need to undertake your chosen adventure. Use the extensive experience on offer and make sure you are getting the information you need when you need it.

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

3). You will find a lot of cheap pricing on the internet and if you are on a budget that’s fine. Just remember the cheaper companies are not paying their staff correctly, they are probably not insuring them and looking after them. You might think you can get a cheap deal and save some money but someone is getting stiffed. You have the privilege to go on these adventures and most of the people serving you live in the third world or in developing countries they need to be respected so cheaper trips doesn’t necessarily mean better or right for the local people. We have a duty to build up these people and places so consider them when you decide to go on a budget internet deal that looks great.

Picking the right Trekking company for your adventure

We aim to be the best in all these areas, we do not offer cheap adventure travel. We have a service to match your ambitions. CLICK HERE for our testimonials and CLICK HERE for our Everest Base Camp Video and CLICK HERE for our Kilimanjaro video.

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