Carstensz Pyramid

Climbing Carstensz Pyramid has it’s climbing and regional challenges, but this adventure into the Papua tribal region is a real adventure. The climbing is unique offering you a chance to climb one of the coveted seven summits. We have two itineraries of offer. We either hike into base camp or travel by helicopter into base camp and avoid the long and arduous trek in some tricky conditions on route to climbing Carstensz. Get in, climb and get back to planning your next seven summit.
Carstensz base camp

A little bit more about the Carstensz Pyramid climb

The helicopter option is the only option right now. The costs USD $12,500 based off a group of 6 climbers. The benefit of the shorter trip is save time and not deal with the jungle trek into the base of the mountain. There is still enough time to acclimatize and be have a successful climb.

The longer jungle trek into climb Carstensz is a three week commitment hiking through tribal villages, with logistical challenges on the group, but a unique and exciting adventure like no where on earth. The journey through the jungle is wet, muddy but a great way to experience local life and experience this less traveled part of the world.

Carstensz Pyramid expeditions are organized many months in advance and it may become necessary to make alterations on your travel plans. We will advise you of such changes before you depart to Indonesia, although occasionally we may be forced to make changes in route due to the causes beyond our control. This trip has many challenges on the ground so being as flexible as possible will help.

What people said

“Yes, yes, yes. Exciting, adventure as it should be. The climbing was challenging so come prepared, gret team, set up and thank you for all your help in preparation for this journey.”
Jane McGuire, 2014 

“This was my kind of trip. Lost in the jungle, climbing a mammoth rock and feeling lost in the wilderness. Ian team were amazing. They managed all the local tribal issues well. While feeling on edge at certain moments, sorry for the pun!! we all made it in an out in one piece. Amazing journey for any climber.” Roger Mason, 2014

“What a journey, a real adventure! we had to pay local tribes, get acceptance, cross rivers, mud fields, jungles all before getting to the mountain. It was frustrating at times. I was well aware of this before joining the climb. The guides were great, the food, equipment and safety were fantastic. It was a unique and wonderful adventure trip.”
Joseph Morrision, 2014

Itinerary’s for Carstensz Pyramid


This three week itinerary is longer, more adventurous and could be the one for you.


This itinerary helps you climb Carstensz in one week. Get in and out fast.

Ready to go?

Does this information excite you to take the next step towards achieving your goals of climbing Carstensz Pyramid.  If so, get in touch today.  We pride ourselves in making sure that our clients have every opportunity to succeed on the mountains, including professional training advice, gear lists and video links on how to pack your bag, and much more.  We are always available 5 days a week to answer any questions you may have by email, phone or skype, so contact us today!