This video is designed to show you what gear Ian would bring with him when he is packing for Mera and Island peaks. This gear will vary on the month you are climbing. If you can climbing in March, November or December you will need warmer gear, boots, jackets and clothing. PRESS PLAY then read more below. Then CONTACT US for lets talk.

Packing for Mera and Island peaks

There is no one size fits all when it comes to gear. You need to know how you fair in cold weather conditions. Some people are naturally warmer than others. We can help you individually prepare for this Himalayan adventure. Getting out testing your gear is vital before heading on a Himalayan climbing adventure. You should also have previous altitude and mountain experience before considering climbing Island or Mera peaks.

Packing for Mera and Island peaks

This video is designed to show what Ian would bring, after years of experience. Ian has climbed Everest to the top,  Island peak 15 times and Mera peak 6 times in different conditions.  This is the gear and clothing Ian has used. Weather conditions on both peaks can be harsh with lots of snow so you need to come prepared for all types of weather conditions. Check out our TOP 10 TIPS FOR CLIMBING ISLAND PEAK
You may need warmer layers, better mountaineering boots,  different socks, layers and gloves so feel free to get in touch and we can help you get the right gear. CONTACT US for a complete gear list or sign up to one of our trips.

Packing for Mera and Island peaks

Some people feel the cold more and will need thicker base layers, warmer boots and gloves so remember, one size does not fit all and you need to be responsible in making sure your come prepared with the right gear, preparation. We will help you at every turn to make sure you are fully prepared. Check out our TOP 10 TIPS FOR CLIMBING MERA PEAK.

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