Mount Elbrus Climbs

Our Mount Elbrus Climbs in 2019

June 4th –  22nd June 2019  (PRIVATE GROUP)

July 17th  –  28th July 2019  2 SPACES OPEN Led by Ian Taylor

August 4th –  15th August 2019 SOLD OUT 

September 8th  – 19th September 2019  8 SPACES OPEN

We had 90% success rate on our 2018 climbs. If you would like to get on the waiting list for our 2020 Mount Elbrus Climbs. CONTACT US today for further information.


Mount Elbrus Climbs

Click here and view our Mount. Elbrus Page  We offer 6 of the 7 summits and climbing Mount Elbrus gives you a chance to climb one of those 7 summits. Elbrus is not technically very difficult, but is an exciting challenge, with harsh weather and temperatures can drop well below zero Celsius during the climbing season, so it is really important to be fully prepared for your ascent of Mount Elbrus.

Mount Elbrus Climbs

Mount Elbrus is Europe’s highest peak. We offer two programs that will not tire you out, our 10 and 12 day climbing programs will give full acclimatization including another 4,100m/ 13,451 feet summit. These programs are giving us an overall 95% success rates to date. READ MORE

Mount Elbrus Climbs

Mount Elbrus Climbs with Ian Taylor Trekking have an excellent acclimatization schedule that works, we have tried and tested this itinerary for the last 8 years to offer you the best way to be safe and successful on Europe’s highest peak. Call us today and sign up for one of our quality Mount Elbrus climbs.

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