Kilimanjaro day 5 Lemosho route

Kilimanjaro day 5 Lemosho route: This is fun day.  After a long day getting from Shira camp 2 3,850m/ 12,631ft. to Barranco camp 3,900m/ 12,795ft. you have the Barranco wall to face and traversing the base of the famous Kilimanjaro summit dome. Watch this footage climbing the Barranco wall and moving towards Karanga camp at 3,950m/ 13,000ft.

Kilimanjaro day 5 Lemosho route

There is a little scrambling on the wall, but most of this so called Barranco wall is just walking.  In this raw footage on the Barranco wall, you will see exactly what the wall entails and should not present any real challenge. Our highly qualified guides are there to assist you at every turn.

It can be a cool morning in Barranco camp, but once the sun comes up it gets warm so don’t over dress as you start heading towards the Barranco wall. It can be icy as you cross the river flowing through camp so be careful.

The initial part of the route is gradual. There is a small section of using your hands and feet to maneuver over and then most of the wall is just walking. It is a 200m up hill section to the top of the wall. From the top of the Barranco wall at 4,200m/ 13,779ft. you take a short break before a easier hike across Kilimanjaro.

The next couple of hours contain short hill and down hill sections, before a drop down into the Karanga valley and last steep hike into Karanga camp.

Kilimanjaro day 5 Lemosho route is a fun day out. A little scrambling, great views, easier walking across to Karanga camp and a good day to take it easy and recover from the previous days hiking.


Kilimanjaro day 5 Lemosho route is 4/5 hours of hiking over 5.6km

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