How to be successful on Mt. Elbrus

There are few things you need to know about how to be successful on Mt. Elbrus. The right acclimatization, 2 or 3 potential summit nights,  prior training and the right gear all need to be part of your preparation. You also need the best itinerary possible: LEARN MORE on this page about our unique approach to climbing Elbrus from 15 years experience.

We have had 6 groups on Mount Elbrus this season. All of them picked our itinerary to give themselves the best acclimatization available and they listened to our training advice. The biggest factor in their success was themselves and their ability to get out hiking long distances with heavy back packs and supplement that would daily gym training with weighted back packs.  They committed to the training and getting the right gear for the climb. CONTACT US and JOIN US ON ELBRUS.

Camp 2 on your Elbrus acclimaatization

Make sure you are getting in 1,000m training hikes

You will be out on the hills for 6 days straight trekking up and down hills some days over 1,000m/ 3,280 ft up in one day. You need to have the conditioning in body for this. Elbrus is often underestimated by a lot of people and lots of prior training is essential. Conditions can be very harsh, there can be deep snow. You make it easier on yourself by picking the best itinerary and more days acclimatizing but you need to make sure you can hike up and down hills with a weighted back pack for 6 – 9 hours before coming to climb Mount Elbrus. Your safety, and safety of everyone around you should be your number 1 concern. If you fail to prepare you will fail to climb Mount Elbrus.

Steep trek up on the north side of Mt. Elbrus

The right itinerary and acclimatization are important

After arriving in the Caucasus mountains we will get straight into the acclimatization process. We like to acclimatize on the north and east sides of Elbrus. As you will see in our Itinerary we have an excellent but challenging schedule. Climbing high and sleeping lower. This process will help you adapt better to the lack of oxygen and enjoy the hiking our itinerary provides. We take to the less traveled north side of Elbrus with stunning hikes, views and less people. Our Itinerary will prepare you fully for your Elbrus ascent and add to the training you where doing at home.

Hiking up to the Irikchat pass

You will experience a wide range of temperatures

As you can see in these pictures It can be warm and wearing Merino wool layers and protecting yourself from the sun is needed. It can also rain or snow so you have to be prepared for temperatures of +20c to -20c (70f to -4f) There is nothing we can do about the weather on Elbrus. You do want to give yourself the best chance at success so coming to Elbrus with prior mountaineering experience and having tested your gear prior to arrival will be essential for success. The terrain while acclimatizing is sometimes steep with mixed rock and trails. By hiking prior to an ascent on similar terrain you are giving yourself the best chance to being prepared. Your legs, back and body will thank you.

Heading towards the Kyrtykaush pass

Experience the best of Mount Elbrus

As you can see in the pictures we hike on a mixture of steep and gradual terrain. You need to training on easier and steeper terrain with a weighted back pack to get the conditioning and muscle memory needed for this trek and climb. We can help you understand the correct training, so you can come properly prepared to climb Mount Elbrus.  We have expert advice for you on the best way to prepare for this climb of Mount Elbrus.

Irikchat pass with glacier view.

Learn from the Elbrus Experts

With a lack of oxygen, weighted back pack, extreme weather and real mountaineering conditions. Mount Elbrus is a real challenge.  These harsh conditions might be appealing to you and draw you to to climb Mount Elbrus. I would suggest getting in touch with us well in advance and start preparing for this climb. You should have prior altitude experience and we recommend climbing Kilimanjaro with us first. We can help you prepare and give you a greatest chance to standing on the summit of Europe’s highest peak. We have 2/3 potential summit nights built into out itinerary. We look forward to working with you as you aim to stand on top of Europe.

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