Hike the Grand Canyon – Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime

Our Grand Canyon backpacking trips are out of this world.
We have tours from two days to one week. Our trips are perfect for those embarking on their first desert backpacking experience, or for the experienced hiker looking to be taken off of the beaten path.
Our guided Grand Canyon backpacking trips will take you to remote oases filled with springs and pools, into adventurous parts of the canyon where few people go along with airy vistas with huge views across this wonder of the world you will not be disappointed.

Our guides are experts on the geology, history, flora, fauna and archaeology of the canyon, and they will provide interpretive information throughout your adventure into the Grand Canyon.

Daily Distances

Day 1

Arriving in warm Las Vegas Nevada, you will spend the night in this city which is like no where else. You will have the evening to relax and walk the famous strip or relax after your flight.

Day 2

After breakfast, You will drive to Grand Canyon which takes about 4 hours. You will stay at the rim-top camp, or you can stay in a Tuscayan Hotel, that is dependent on your needs. There will be time to walk a section of the crater rim and enjoy the wonder of this magical place.

Day 3

We drop into Grand Canyon via the S. Kaibab Trail, (6.7 miles/ 10.8km) and a full day of trekking to reach Bright Angel Camp and Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon next to the Colorado River. This day takes us down a trail built in 1928 specifically for its views, by the National Park Service. We will drop about 4000 vertical feet/1,220m into the Grand Canyon.

Day 4

Wake up at Bright Angel Camp, and explore up the N. Kaibab Trail to see the “Box” and Phantom Canyon, a beautiful section of narrow canyons within the basement layer of geology deep within Grand Canyon. We may be able to make it to also see Ribbon Falls, depending on time and client abilities. Ribbon Falls are worth the extra effort.

Day 5

After your We hike 4.5miles/ 7.3km to base camp, half way up the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, about 610m/ 2,000 feet above our previous camp at Bright Angel. Upon reaching Indian Gardens, an area used for farming by Native Americans as late as the early 1900’s, we will eat lunch before taking an optional three mile hike to the famous Plateau Point, know for its huge vistas over the Colorado river that provide you with the ultimate in panoramic views.

Day 6

We wake up at Indian Gardens and hike 2 miles into the water filled and vegetated Tapeats Narrows, where a 700 year old Native American Granary is hidden off trail, and as guides we are allowed to take you to this sacred area used for the storage of corn and food by the Natives over many past centuries. After exploring this archaeological site, we will cast off across the remote Tonto East trail, to go see the riparian and beautiful spring fed slot canyon of Pipe Creek. This hike will add another 5 miles to today’s trek, and provide a feeling of solitude while also giving you some of the best views the Grand Canyon has to offer, panoramic 360 degree beauty from the top of the Tonto Esplanade.

Day 7

After your We start our summit push to the rim top. Over 4.5miles/7.3km of terrain and up over 915m/ 3,000 feet vertical elevation. Along the way we will show you the native American Pictographs that were drawn by tribes over 1000 years ago. This artwork is hard to find, but we will guide to to them. They are a remarkable thing to be able to see, the proof left of these people who lived here long ago. Most of the day will be used getting out of the Grand Canyon. Upon completion we will head to our rim top camp for a celebratory dinner with steak and hamburgers as well as all of the makings! A feast is in order to celebrate our successful trip!

Day 8

You will transfer to a hotel in Vegas. On your way back you could go to the west rim viewing bridge as a nice site to see while heading back. Once in Vegas area opportunities for recreation become limitless and you can enjoy a night out on the town.

Day 9

After your Grand Canyon and Vegas experience, you will transfer to the airport, and homeward bound.

  • A little bit more about the Trek the Grand Canyon Trip

    All of our guides are Medical First responders through the National Outdoor Leadership School to assure that you are safe throughout the trip. High quality equipment is provided, and all permits, meals, snacks and drinks are included. These tours can be adapted to meet the need of the backpacking novice, or that of the advanced hiker. We also cater for group treks but there is a limit of numbers entering the Grand Canyon, so get in touch and find out more.

    We are highly recommended tour company with un-beatable quality. All of our guides are Wilderness First Responders, most have additional certifications most other companies’ guides do not, such as AMGA and ACA qualifications for technical environments. One of the guides serves as a fully certified EMT, in addition to all of our WFR Guides as well. All of our guides are local. We are experts in providing the interpretive information along the entire trip on geology, flora, fauna, history and archaeology, as well as any questions that you may have along the way. We run our tours like family style events, with a lot of personality, and expertise that is genuine behind the product backing it. To attain this quality, we pay more to our guides than any other companies so we can help you have the experience of a lifetime.

    We want to offer the best possible experience for you in the Grand Canyon. We want you marvel at everything the Grand Canyon has to offer and come away having experience more than you ever expected.

Ready to go?

You have always wanted to visit and trek the Grand Canyon, and explore Las Vegas!! you always wanted to hike into the Canyon and experience the secrets inside.

Wellcome and join us exploring the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We will make sure you have the trip of a lifetime and see everything worth seeing.

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