FREE trek on Lugnaquilla

We have a FREE Trek on Lugnaquilla in Co. Wicklow, Ireland this Saturday 18th January 2013 for anyone interested in finding out more information on any of our trekking destinations in Nepal, Tanzania, Morocco, United States, Europe and South America. Ian first climbed Lugnaquilla in 1997 and has clocked up 289 Lugnaquilla summit to date.
Ian and other experienced Irish guides lead climbs up Lugnaquilla on a regular basis. Why not join one of our up coming trips in Wicklow and around Ireland. Our guides will be available to answer any questions you may have about, gear, trips, training or any aspect of your chosen adventure. Drop us a mail if you would like further information and joining our free climb up Lugnaquilla.
Please come prepared with full winter clothing, rain gear, trekking boots, food and water. Lugnaquilla is a very deceiving mountain.  In the winter, it can be 5/6 degrees Celsius in the valley and by the time you get to the top at 926m/ 3,038ft the temperature could be below zero. Lugnaquilla is a great hike and climb and one you can bench mark your fitness on. It can throw some nasty weather your way and a great climb to learn about your gear, physical conditioning and how you are performing for possible bigger and harder climbs. Join us and find out more.
We lead hikes up Lugnaquilla on a regular basis. CHECK OUT our up coming trips and join our team hiking and climbing around Ireland and around the world.