Do you want to trek to Everest Base Camp for FREE?  Do you want to stand at the base of the highest mountain in the world?  Do you have a lot of friends, group or hiking club who would be interested in doing the same thing?

Well, if so, we have and amazing offer for you! We are giving you the opportunity to trek to the legendary Everest Base Camp trail FOR FREE!

All you need to do to avail of this fantastic offer is to find ten of your Friends/colleagues/family/random people on the street to join you on the trip and you will get your place FOR FREE! *Terms and conditions apply 

If this is something you are interested in, then get creative; go on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and set up a campaign. Contact your local hiking clubs, newspapers and find ten people to join you on this adventure of a lifetime! We can also offer group flight bookings for this trip. We also offer discounted rates on some of our other trekking trips around the world. Read some training advice for our Everest base camp treks.

GET STARTED  E-mail:  info@iantaylortrekking.com  for full details
Check out our packing video for Everest base camp, read others peoples experience trekking to Everest base camp with Ian Taylor Trekking. If you and your team need training advice and specific training plans then get in touch today. Follow us on FACEBOOK.

*This offer does not include your international flight into and out of Kathmandu   

16 thoughts on “EVEREST FOR FREE

  1. Hey,
    I am wanting to plan a trip for my 30th birthday with some of my family and friends. It’s not till 2019, but I wanted to plan and prep for it. I was wondering if you had any tips for prepping (I live at sea level) and any information about what you guys do?

    Any help would be wonderful.


  2. Hello Ian,
    Can you please email me and let me know what you are charging for your Everest Base Camp Trek? I’m also interested in knowing, roughly, how much it would cost me to get the traveler’s insurance (with med evac coverage, good for the altitudes we would be at)? I’ve heard that this is necessary or mandatory. I am very serious about wanting to plan this trip but I am just a common blue-collar working man and I don’t have lots of money. I am currently working out how I could finance such an excursion. Someone like me needs to know how much you are charging for something like this, as well as the hidden costs, like insurance, etc. Your reply would be much appreciated!

  3. Hey Ian . I was just wondering if me and my wife could do the base camp trek . We have never done any trekking before . Could we do it would we have to b really fit . And if we done it for talking and half way we could not go on wat would happen . Look forwerd for your reply . Thanks

  4. Hello Ian,
    I want to trek Everest Base Camp for free.
    Whenever it is possible then please let me know, this is my dream to be there, please help me to fulfil my dream.
    I also want to summit Mt. Everest .
    So plz plz plz

    Thanks a lot.

  5. I and 7 of my friends would like to trek to the base camp this SEP.. Please let me know when are your schedules. Thanks.

  6. Hello Ian I climb in the alps a lot done some of the major peaks the highest I’ve been is just under 6000metres (killi)now I want to start on the big stuff like cho oyu but I’ve never been on the ropes and used the equipment used on the high mountains so I was wondering if you do a course were I could learn the techniques needed to summit the likes of Everest cheers also were are you based

  7. Hi there
    I am hoping to do the base camp Trek in March/April 2018 and was wondering what the cost involved were? ie How much do you charge? Also are there many places in Kathmandu to hire gear/is is recommended to hire basic gear (sleeping bag, pack etc) as my partner and I will be travelling from London and will not have our tramping gear here.

  8. Hi Ian, I am interested in doing the base camp in 2019 and was wondering what the cost would be for the same as I can start saving for the trip!

    Many thanks

  9. hi. just went through ye whole itinerary if EBC Trek and I found it satisfactory. its just that I couldn’t see the cost of taking this trek. we are as of now 2 people interested to do the EBC this year. Please let us know about the charges
    thanks. .

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