Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro ? So you are off to Climb Kilimanjaro on the Machame route. Ian Taylor Trekking have a 85% summit success rate climbing Kilimanjaro on the Machame route. Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 30+ times to date. Mostly on the Lemosho route which has better success rates.

Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro

The summit success rate on Kilimanjaro is around 42% – 48% so half of people who attempt the summit do not make it.  We only offer routes we know people are going to be successful and give the best acclimatization for safety. After years of climbing the mountain we feel the Lemosho route has the best rate of success and the Machame route is right behind it. That’s why we only use three tested routes giving us high success on Kilimanjaro with a minimum of 7 days.

Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro

Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro

Day 1: Up early for the short drive to the Machame Gate, while the porters and guides are getting everything loaded up you can rest and eat, and keep drinking plenty of water. You will stop in a local shop and pick up 3 or 4 liters of water and keep drinking. You will walk for a while before you hit the trail head and from there it is 11km to the Machame camp it takes about 5 or 6 hours to reach camp.
Day 2: Up at 7am for breakfast, pack up your tents and then leave by 8am which is the usual set up for leaving camp each morning. This day can test your belief that you are going to make the summit. You can not let the altitude get into your head, figuratively and literally and keep taking your time, at a snails pace, keep drinking water and more water and keep doing it. It is hard day and you will feel the low oxygen levels, this day is about 5 or 6 hours trekking and distance traveled is 5km 
Day 3: Up early again as usual and you will have a nice long easy incline up to 4,600m at the lava tower have lunch and then descend down to 3,900m at barranco camp. This is hard push and will take about 7 hours. You need to have disprin or asprin in your water to thin out your blood, drink 4-5 liters per day. Males need more water than females. The distance traveled is 11km 
Day 4: It is important to take your time on the Barranco wall, let the porters pass you by and you concentrate on breathing, and getting your footing right and saving as much energy as possible. After a couple of hours you will reach the top of the wall and then it a easy trail to the Karanga valley. There is a steep section down hill before a steep hill into Karanga camp which ranges starts at 3,830m and the height of the camp reaches up to 3,900m. It can take 4 to 5 hours to reach Karanga camp from Barranco camp. The distance traveled is 5km
Day 5: Early rise as usual and the long slow trek up to Barafu hut and camp which sits on a ridge which comes down from the crater rim. After the first steep section out of Karanga camp, it is long slow progress, but so important to save as much energy for the summit attempt. So let people pass you, let them use up loads of summit night energy. You go as slowly as possible. After the long slow steady trek across to high camp at Barafu, which means ice camp. You have a steep trek up to the tents. But take it nice and slowly This walk takes about 4 to 5 hours. The distance traveled is 4km 
Day 6: You rise at 11pm maybe early or later depending on the day. You have have eaten a big dinner and rested most of the day. You get up drink a liter of water, eat breakfast or snacks or whatever you can get into you. You will be walking up hill for 8 hours to get to the summit. The first 5 hours are hard work to keep motivated, the final 2 hours to the crater rim is harder. You have to focus on your breathing and keep a positive focus. The sun starts coming up and you reach Stella Point and from there you will make the summit, it’s another hour away. It will take you 8 hours to reach the top and 3 to 4 hour to get back to Barafu and 3/4 hours to get down to Mweka camp. In total you will walk for 14/16 hours. It is a long day but so rewarding. The distance traveled is 17km
Day 7: You want to rise early and get back to your hotel room for a shower and to relax in the heat of Moshi. You will trek for 3/4 hours today and should be back in the hotel by 3pm. The distance traveled is 10km

Distance traveled on the Machame route up Kilimanjaro

 1  Machame  Gate  1,700  5,577  Machame  Camp  2,850  9,350  6   11  6.8
 2  Machame  Camp  2,850  9,350  Shira 2  3,810   12,500  5  5  3
 3  Shira 2  3,850  12,631  Barranco  3,976    13,044    11  6.8
 4  Barranco  3,900  12,795  Karanga  4,000  12,795  4/5  5  3
 5  Karanga  4,000  13,123  Barafu    4,650  15,255  4/5  4  2.5
 6  Barafu  4,650  15,255  Mweka  3,100  10,170  13/14  17  10.5
 7  Mweka  3,100  10,170  Mweka  Gate  1,700  5,577  3/4  10  6.2
 TOTAL   63  38.2


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