Crossing the Amphulaptsa Pass

You have decided to climb Mera and Island peak in one go. Mera peak stands at 6,476m / 21,247 ft. and Island peak at 6,189m / 20,305 ft. in the middle of these climbs you have to cross over the Amphulaptsa pass, a technical pass at 5,815m. You have to cross this pass to get access to the Imja valley and over to Island peak. Crossing the Amphulaptsa pass is challenging and you need to prepared. This video gives you an idea of what it is like crossing the Amphulaptsa pass. Remember this was filmed in good clear weather. The weather can be harsh and dangerous at this altitude.

CLICK HERE and view footage from climbing on Mera peak. CLICK HERE and view some raw footage from climbing on Island peak. This a serious and challenging trip and one that needs careful consideration. You need to come physically prepared with previous mountaineering experience. You need to be a proficient mountaineer ready to take on this challenge.

Planning well in advance and getting a training plan in place early will aid your physical and mental preparation for this intense Himalayan mountaineering experience. If you sign up for one of our Mera and Island peak trips we will help you get the climbs needed in preparation. We will work with you on a personal training plan making sure you are getting the information for the challenging adventure.

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