Crossing Svalbard Nordic skiing adventure trip

5th April   –   18th April 2018   8 SPACES OPEN

After you have learned the ways of polar travel in Norway it is time to put your skills into action. Crossing Svalbard Nordic skiing adventure trip in – 20c temperature is a truly amazing experience in the far north of the world. You will need to have completed our ski training in Norway.

We have a great team of highly qualified staff, ex-military,  special forces and professional mountain guides to lead the way. From Oslo in Norway you can fly into Longyearbyen at 78 degrees north in Svalbard.

You will overnight in a local guesthouse for a few nights to sort through gear, food and pulks prepared for the 8 day crossing of Svalbard.

We will also do a training day on the ice near Longyearbyen. Once the team is ready we will move by snowmobile to the start of the skiing route.  We will cover specific Polar training skills, Polar navigation, defense against Polar bears, sea ice travel, camp craft and camping routines.

This is an action packed week of Polar travel in one of the world’s remote regions. We will make sure that you are prepared both physically and mentally as well as to make sure that you have trained with and bring the necessary gear and equipment that will make your Svalbard crossing trip an enjoyable and successful adventure.

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