Climbing Mount Everest 2008

Climbing Mount Everest 2008 changed my life.  Climbing Everest has also changed the lives of children at the Mt. Everest primary school and more recently at projects we are working on in Nepal.

Climbing Mount Everest is not for everyone

I am getting monthly, sometimes weekly questions through our website about climbing Everest.  It is very hard to explain every emotion, part of the mountain, training, funding, preparation, team work and experience you go through when climbing Mt. Everest and write it all down. That is one reason I was so keen to film as much as possible and capture my experience at the time. Filming before, during and after to get a real feel for my and our unique experience of climbing Mt. Everest in 2008. I want to capture the real experience what we went through. GET OUR EVEREST DVD  it’s a 52 minute documentary about Graham Kinch and my experience climbing 4 mountains on 4 continents in 1 year to built the Mt. Everest primary school in Uganda with Irish charity

Join one of our treks to Everest Base Camp

If you are interested in having your own Everest experience and trekking to the base of the world’s highest mountain, or climbing on Everest or Join me trekking to Everest base campGET IN TOUCH and experience Everest the amazing Himalaya’s with excellent acclimatization and training programs will can get you fully prepared for a climb of Everest or one of our world class treks into the Everest region.

You need an extensive Resume before climbing Everest

The main point here is, your experience is everything when you want to climb on big mountains like Everest, you need as much experience of climbing, equipment and most importantly Altitude preparation, how you perform on other mountains, like Island peak, Denali, Aconcagua, Cho Oyu, Mount Elbrus, Mt. Blanc. Only then will you know how you perform and learn and grow in knowledge and experience to get you to Everest.  Other big mountains over 8,000m will also aid your experience in making an attempt of climbing Everest. Our Everest experience is recorded in our Everest DVD  ‘A summit calling’ it is available if you would like a copy please e-mail me. 
The picture above is me coming down the Hillary Step on Everest May 23rd 2008.