Climbing Himlung Peak in Nepal


Himlung Peak sits in the Manaslu Region of Nepal. Mount Himlung is an impressive 7,126m/ 23,380 feet peak deep in a remote region of Nepal close to the Tibetan border. We offer this trip as Himlung is not that technical and is a very accessible peak to all fit climbers who have 6,000m experience.  Very few people have stood on the summit of Himlung. Mostly because not many people have heard of this peak and because of this a serious challenge. You do need excellent Mountain fitness to be successful.

After 7 days trekking and acclimatization we reach Himlung Base Camp. Our Base Camp sits at 4,900m/ 16,076 feet.  We will establish three higher camps. Camp 3 the highest camp will be at 6,350m/ 20,833 feet.  The summit night includes a steep,  icy and snowy path to the summit, but well worth the challenging effort.

The route to Himlung Peak After reaching the top of Himlung peak
Camp 3 on Himlung peak The summit of Himlung Peak

Who is This Trip for

If you are planning a trip to an 8,000m peak then you might want to test yourself on Himlung Peak. Getting to 23,000 feet is a life long dream for a lot of people or Himlung would be your Everest. If you have been trekking and climbed a few 6,000m peaks Himlung could be the climb for you. Also if you like trekking and climbing where few other venture then this region of Nepal is worth a visit.

Getting to Himlung Peak

We start our journey in Kathmandu and can fly to Pokhara and start from there. Either way we travel by private transport past Nache on the road to Manang. We stop at Koto for the night before heading north, following the marsyangdi river north towards Himlung. We are on the eastern side of Annapurna III in the region.  The trek in toward Nar Phu a unique cultural region on Nepal and worth a visit in it’s right.

We will get some great mountain viewing on the trek into Himlung Base Camp.   We will have breathtaking view of Kang Guru I, Kappa Chuli, Nandadevi, and so many stunning peaks as we move closer towards our goal.

Come with the Right Physical Preparation

Even though we have more acclimatization on our trips you need to come with excellent physical conditioning. Himlung is a serious challenge and peak that requires you to be in excellent physical shape. We highly recommend building up to the climb with 6 months of intensive training focused on strength and endurance. We look forward to helping you understand the training required for this adventure.

Arriving at Camp 3 Himlung Base Camp Himlung Peak Nepal Camping on Himlung Peak
High on Himlung Peak High in the Himalaya's Himlung Peak in Nepal

Why Join our Himlung Peak Climb

We have more acclimatization on all our treks and climbs and when going to 7,000m you need more time to be safe and successful. We always have a western guide and our full time Sherpa climbers will always be apart of our expeditions. We have our own office in Kathmandu with safety and success at the forefront of all our trips. We want you to learn and grow and experience a peak with very few people.  Price is $12,800

What People Said About our Himlung Climb

“I Love Nepal and this region of Nepal. I have been in the Everest and Annapurna regions climbing Island and Mera Peaks, tent peak, Aconcagua and a number of other peaks with Ian Taylor Trekking. I really wanted to break the 7,000m mark and Himlung was the best option for me. It was a challenging but unique adventure and we saw no other teams on this adventure is was my favourite part of the trip. The team, support and service was great throughout.” Scott Brown Himlung Peak 2017
“Himlung Peak was a culmination of 5 years of work. I climbed Kilimanjaro with in Ian in 2012 and since then I have been coming back year for my mountain fix. I have climbed 3 of the 7 summits with me and Island peak in preparation for Himlung. I was planning to climb an 8,000m peak but we will see. Himlung was a challenging peak and climbing to 23,000 feet was a real challenge. I might be back for some trekking but who know. Thank you to the whole ITT team you guys are best at what you do.”  Bradley Carter, Himlung Peak 2017



Day 1

Arrive into Kathmandu airport. You will have beautiful views over the city as you fly into Kathmandu. One of our Ian Taylor Trekking staff members will be there to meet you and transfer you to the hotel. You can relax and meet up with other team members.

Day 2

Today is dedicated to getting all your gear together and make final preparations for the expedition. We have an early evening briefing to allow you to meet our ground staff and climbing guides for the trip.

Day 3

We will be up early for our long drive from Kathmandu to Chamje 1,410m/ 4,626 feet. This is 7- 8 hour drive. After an early breakfast we leave the hotel and commence the long drive to Chamje. As we leave the city boundary the roads are interesting, with great views and also the opportunity to watch people at work in small towns and villages. There will be opportunities to stop for tea breaks and meal breaks. Tonight we stay in a lodge in Chamje.

Day 4

Trek from Chamje to Dharapani 1,960m/ 6,430 feet. This is a 5-6 hour trek.
After a relaxing breakfast we leave the guest house and start trekking. We cross a suspension bridge after which the trail gets steeper on the way to Sattae and the valley becomes narrower. Today we will walk through agricultural land, forest and have beautiful river views. We will stop in Tal for refreshments. This is known locally as the entrance to the Manang District. After our break the trail heads to a suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi River. The trail continues through small villages, we will have time for further rest stops, before entering Dharapani where we stay in a lodge.

Day 5

Trek from Dharapani to Koto 2,600m/ 8,528 feet. This is a 5-6 hour trek.
After breakfast, we follow the trail towards Bagarchhap where we will have a short lunch break. The trail ahead is steeper, making its way through dense forest. A short while later we arrive in Timang which affords beautiful views of Lamjung Himal 5,587m. On leaving Timang the trail starts fairly gently before a descent and then steep and strenuous climb to Thanchok. After Thanchok we descend to the village of Koto where we stay in a lodge overnight.

Day 6

Trek from Koto to Syange 3,230m/ 10,594 feet. This is a 6-7 hour trek.  After breakfast but before leaving Koto we register at the permit check point. We then head toward a suspension bridge over the Seti Khola tributary. Today the trail gets steeper, we walk through beautiful gorges. Tonight is our first campsite.

Day 7

Trek from Singenge to Kyang 4,100m/ 13,448 feet. This is a 6-7 hour trek. This morning we head towards the village of Meta. This is a seasonal village. On the trek today we enjoy views of Lamjung Himal 5,587m and Annapurna II 7,937m. The trail traverses around a steep hill toward a clearing known as Junam Goth. We continue a steep climb before descending towards the Murju Khola, an outflow of the Lyapche Glacier. We cross the river before the steep walk across a section of eroded moraine heading towards Kyang. Campsite tonight.

Day 8

Trek from Kyang to Phu 4,580m/ 15,022 feet. This is a 5-6 hour trek. Today we leave Kyang after breakfast and trek towards a narrow gorge. The trail descends to the river which we cross. We then head north on a steep trail we will pass several large chortons and deserted buildings. Tonight we rest in the isolated village of Phu.

Day 9

Acclimatization day exploration the Phu Valley. You can visit Samdu, Choling, and Tashi Monastery.  We walk through the ancient village of Phu, visit the Samdo Monastery and the Choling Monastery. These are some of the oldest and most remote monasteries and villages in Nepal.

Day 10

Trek from Phu to Himlung Himal Base Camp 4,842m/ 15,881 feet. This is a 3-4 hour trek.
This is the shortest trekking day of the expedition. We enjoy a leisurely breakfast before leaving the village of Phu. We trek on a trail that ascends to our campsite. Our staff will make preparations for preparing camps at higher altitudes.

Day 11

Acclimatization and rest day at Himlung Base Camp. Today is an acclimatization day to relax and enjoy the mountain views. Today, you will take a rest at the Base Camp and admire the view of the lofty mountains around you. Further, the Base Camp is close to 5,000 meters which is why you need to take it easy and let your body acclimatize.

Day 12

Base Camp to Camp one 5,450m/ 17,880 feet. This is the first of several days of climbing training and acclimatization. The climbing staff set up further camps above base camp. This allows for food preparation and the route preparation toward the summit. The expedition is becoming more strenuous and demanding and therefore it is important to follow the climbing guides instructions. There can be significant snow on the trails towards camp 1, but you can enjoy the stunning views of Mount Annapurna, Manaslu and Gangapurna.

Day 13

Camp one to Camp two 6,000m/ 19,685 feet and return to Base Camp. After breakfast we check our supplies before beginning the climb to camp 2. This is a steady but strenuous climb. It will for many be mentally and physically challenging. After a short break at camp 2 we return to base camp 4,842m/ 15,881 feet.

Day 14

Today we enjoy rest and relaxation around base camp. This helps with the acclimatization process. Again it is essential to check all climbing gear, and listen to the climbing guides briefings and procedures.

Day 15

Today we follow the same route back up to Camp one.

Day 16

Today we climb from Camp one to Camp two 6,000m/ 19,685 feet and stay overnight.

Day 17

Today we climb from Camp two to Camp three 6250m/ 20,505 feet. It is a short climb of 250m/ 820 feet into camp three. It is necessary to be cautious and avoid risk of injury or altitude sickness. We arrive in camp early and enjoy lunch and the views. Again taking time to rest in preparation for tomorrows summit attempt.

Day 18

Summit day. We start early for our climb from camp three to the Summit 7126m/ 23,379 feet.  Again all safety measures are taken. We have an early start to the day. This is a most strenuous and challenging climb and can take up to 8 hours to reach the summit. We spend a short time at the summit to enjoy the amazing views of Annapurna 8,091m/ 26,545 feet and Manaslu at 8,156m/ 26,758 feet and many more peaks across the Himalayan range. We then return back to camp 3 to sleep.

Day 19

After a good nights rest we will pack up and make our way from Camp three to Base Camp. It is important to be careful descending as the trails are uneven and injury is possible. After a long 7-8 hour descent back to Base Camp, it will be fun reminiscing about your journey over dinner.

Day 20

We will pack up Base Camp and trek back to Phu village 4,580m/ 15,022 feet.  After breakfast and clean up we retrace our steps to Phu Village, where we spend the night. This is a 5-6 hour trek.

Day 21

Today we retrace our steps to Meta 3,560m/ 11,676 feet where we stay the night in the village. This is a 5-6 hour trek.

Day 22

Trek from Meta to Koto 2,600m/ 8,528 feet. This is a 6-7 hour trek.

Day 23

Today we will retrace our steps to Dharapani 1,960m/ 6,430 feet. This is a 5-6 hour hike.

Day 24

Trek from Dharapani to Chamje 1,410m/ 4,625 feet. This is a 4-5 hour hike. After a quick breakfast, you will leave the tea house at Dharapani. Further on the trek, you will hike alongside the areas affected by landslides. The hike then starts to make a steep descent towards a suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi River. Further, the trail gradually ascends towards Tal village. Eventually, as you pass through a narrow valley. You will arrive at the village settlement in Satalle. Upon your arrival at the village, you will celebrate the expedition with your team members. You will stay for the night at a guest house.

Day 25

We will drive back to Kathmandu from Chamje. This is a 7-8 hour journey. We can head out and celebrate the expedition in one of the local restaurants.

Day 26

Time to say goodbye. You can relax in Thamel, pick up as gift, go for a spa treatment and we will drop you back to the airport for your International flight home.


Ready to go?

Does this information on our Himlung Peak climb excite you? Take the next step towards achieving your goals of standing on the summit of a 7,000m peak in Nepal?  If so, get in touch today.  We pride ourselves on making sure that our clients have every opportunity to succeed in the mountains, including professional training advice, gear lists and video links on how to pack your bag, and much more.  We are always available to answer any questions you may have by email, phone or skype, so contact us today!