Climbing Kilimanjaro

You want to climb Kilimanjaro, you are not sure if you can do it, you worry about your fitness level and going to high altitude. We have the team, programs, support and quality tested information for you prior to your Kilimanjaro climb. Read our TOP 50 TIPS.
Firstly you need to make the decision to climb. Call us Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 30+ times so far aiming for 50 summits. We have the knowledge, experience and service second to none. With 98% success rate on our 8 day climbs we highly recommend you spend 8 days on Kilimanjaro, giving you the best chance at safely making the summit and enjoying your climbing experience a lot more.
You need to have the right gear. CLICK HERE and check out what Ian would bring on his Kilimanjaro climbs. It is important to talk to us about the gear that will work for you. The more confident you are in your clothing and using your equipment, the better prepared you will be.
In terms of training, you need to be training 6+ hours a week for 3+ months leading up to your Kilimanjaro climb. You may need a training an individual plan in your preparation to climb Kilimanjaro. We are happy to walk you through a training plan that will work for you. CLICK HERE for some information on training for Kilimanjaro.
Just remember you are hiking up and down a mountain. You need to train the same way where possible. It is not always possible to have access to mountains and hills to train on. CONTACT US and we can help you get a gym training program that can work for you.

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