Why do we trek, climb and adventure around the world

Why do we trek, climb and adventure around the world ? We trek and climb so that others can experience something monumental in their lives. We also want to see others benefit from our adventuring. We believe education is a key component to success and we want to support that wherever we can. I am an ambassador for Charity Fields of life who we built the Mt. Everest Primary school with.  We have a new mission to raise $2,000,000 over the coming years as we adventure around the world. I also support the Goli Village Trust in Nepal and we are now onto our 2nd school in the lower Khumbu, Everest region of Nepal.

Why do we trek, climb and adventure around the world

1). Support our team and their dreams

We also want to see our staff educated, support their needed, dreams and families. Our Head guide on Kilimanjaro wants to climb Everest and he has been to Everest base camp and Island peak. We have our Nepali staff looking to climb Kilimanjaro and trek in South America. We sponsor 4 children to go to school in Uganda and Nepal. We also help our staff get training, equipment, education and have invested in one business idea.

2). Further the work of Fields of Life where possible

I am now the president of Fields of Life USA. Fields of Life USA was launched July 2017 will large targets . Fields of Life started in 1993. They have built over 113 schools in East Africa and have put over 50,000 children through school and currently have 40,000 children in schools. We have a target to bring 1 million people clean drinking water by 2020. We are looking to raise millions of dollars to help people have clean drinking water, education and access to medical care. CONTACT US and help us achieve our goals.

3). We want people to have life changing experiences

Pushing yourself physically opens your world to change. You learn about your own ability to reach new heights, you learn about your ability to absorb pain and your true self is exposed when you do not have the luxuries of home life. You will experience our staff and local people and you will learn from them. Adventures inspire people to go on to do great things and we are lucky enough to see this every month on our trips. Our goal is to make sure we have the training advice, acclimatization and service you need to make sure you can achieve your personal goals in the worlds mountain ranges.